Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daddy's home

It was so cute to see Rody get so excited when he saw Randy on monday morning! He just squealed and was giving him kisses and hugs...totally prec!

And I'm pretty sure the only ones who will watch this video are the relatives, but here is about 90 seconds of some Rody time...he's funny. He does say "hi" and "bye bye" at the end...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thomas the Train

I have been flying solo this weekend because Randy has been in Virginia on a job interview. The timing never seems right when things like this happen--I've been sick and had a long week of track meets and a class trip to Dollywood- getting home late- and then Randy left Saturday at 4am and won't get back until after midnight on Sunday. So, I had Rody all to myself--all to my sick self--and seemingly getting sick Rody...
I decided to go to the walk-in clinic on Saturday morning to get looked at. So, I left Rody with Jerry and Oscar (Did I already tell you this in my previous post? I can't remember)..anyways...laryngitis/bronchitis and a steroid shot was what I got for that. And it has been hot as blazes here! 90 degrees on Saturday and Sunday--it was struggling to get to 70 just last week!
Our friends Bethany and Eric and their two boys had an extra ticket to go see Thomas the Train (which is great- because they were about 20 bucks a pop), so I thankfully took them up on their offer...Rody is not into Thomas yet--but I saw a glimpse into my world for the next few years...lots of 3-4 year old kids with crazy parents buying $8 balloons! I'm sorry...but I'll just go buy Rody one for a $1 at bi-lo...
Anyways, here are some pics documenting our sweltering afternoon in the hot sun enjoying Thomas the Train!
It was a good thing I remembered a stroller and sunscreen. For some reason I did not know it was going to be outside??!!
Ah, a petting zoo. Be careful of those horns, son.
Ah, and the train ride. That's Elijah and James in the background having a lovely time...and in the front...enough said!

Can you say "Choo Choo?"

And to document Rody's first encounter with Thomas at 13 months...

A good time was had by all...Randy, are you coming home soon?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

13 months

I am posting this a day early...but I have time now, so I figued I better go ahead and do it!
I absolutely cannot believe I am now saying "13 months". I just got used to saying "12 months"..sniff, sniff
Look at this sweet face...dimples are starting to come through!
This is when I woke him up from his nap today...he LOVES his blankets

The other night with Jerry and Oscar...we frequently play outside with them!And when I didn't get him out in time....
Back to smiles...loving his blankets

Shaking my hand through the crib...

Cheese smile here...

Happy 13 months little man!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old School

I was going through some of my stuff here at work today and found some old pictures...
Here I am 11 years ago ( I had just finished my freshman year of college in this picture) holding KYLIE!!!!
I happen to like my short, bob here, but the blonde is unfortunately due to "sun in" which consequently ruined my hair for a few years!
I couldn't help but notice that Kylie sucks her thumb just like my Rody does while sleeping!

June 1997. High school graduation. Erin (Hale) Mattox, Beth (Lovin) Olson, and myself. It's weird because it looks like I jumped in that picture last minute and that I didn't belong there, but oh well! :) Like my long blonde locks?? I didn't start cutting my hair until my friend Katie Lukens Pinke convinced me to my freshman year of college...
Time, where have you gone?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yard Sale

What a weekend! It all started about a month ago when Randy and I cleaned out all of our storage and separated what we wanted to keep and what we would like to sell at some point. We knew we wanted a yard sale, but did not know when we would do it.....
Well, Randy called me at work on Friday and thought Saturday would be a good day...I agreed. However, I had a track meet Friday night and did not get home until 7pm, then we were up till about midnight getting some stuff ready...woke up at 5:40 AM to start putting things on the lawn...not without a run to chick-fil-A and some coffee though
Do y'all know how much hard work a yard sale takes? With a 12 month old to worry about too??? Our first buyers arrived at 7:30 AM and it was constant until about 1:30AM. We had Rody out there with us most of the time- contained either in the backpack or pack-n-play! Many people asked "how much for the baby" to which we replied "priceless"....

Since Rody is such a late sleeper, we woke him up earlier than normal, thus he got real tired around 11am...and fell asleep as I carried him in the backpack...so sweet!

I tell you what...you meet some intersting people at yard sales as well...But, it was worth it! We profitted several hundred dollars so it was well worth the time!
We then enjoyed a wonderful evening with our neighbors, Jerry and Oscar. Jerry made an awesome meal for us and after Rody went down, we ended up staying up and chatting with them late into the night. I love hearing their stories...we talked about so many things- their families, how they met, how Oscar proposed, their relationship with their own parents and siblings---I was in tears so many times just thinking about similar things myself. One question that struck me was when Randy asked them if they still miss their parents (who have been dead for 40-50 years)...Jerry replied "Oh, yes. All the time. That is something deep inside you that all children feel for their parents"...
My eyes just welled up with tears for two reasons. One, thinking about my parents and how I would feel in that situation. Secondly, about Rody...how I want him to know how much Randy and I love him and care for him...how I want Rody to see me when he reflects on his time with his parents....
Overall, it was a great day! And we had a wonderful church service today. Our neighbors Bethany and Eric came with us and the Lord really worked in many ways today--the whole church was in a spirit of repentance---personal repentance and repenting on behalf of our country---Oh, Lord Jesus, be near!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Boy Pajamas!

I finally found some time to blog this week. Y'all, seriously, the last 3 nights I have been in bed and asleep by 9:30. It's been glorious. I have been exhausted. It is non-stop the minute I get in the door from work until Rody is put in his crib....
We had spaghetti and peas/carrots tonight!

And I found these pj's in his closet...the first time he has worn 2 piece pj's! He looked like such a big boy tonight!!!

He is growing by the minute! He loves to try to say "balloon" now since we've had them in our house due to birthdays...so cute!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Hunt

An Easter Egg hunt with a 1 year old...I'd say it went pretty well, but not without some laughs! Our church had an extravaganza...and thankfully the grass was sectioned off by age groups. Othewise, Rody would have been annhiliated by the older kids!

Put the eggs in your basket, Rody...

Look at my eggs, grandma!!!!

Grandma Kia and Papa getting in on the action as well....

They had a moon walk there and opened it up for a few minutes for the little ones...and their parents!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birthday Fun

I had such a fun 30th birthday celebration! Peyton and Laurin took me out to lunch and an afternoon of shopping. I laughed so much and had a wonderful time...it was nice to not have kids around for the afternoon--it's been a while since us girls have hung out sans Eve and Rody!
My parents came up that afternoon and we got to hang out with them later on Friday. The power went out, so we decided to eat cake and ice cream before dinner since the oven was not working...
And, yes, Rody had some cake...again....
I am so thankful for my two "besties"...
30 year old mommy with 1 year old baby!
Gotta love 'em!
Don't worry...nothing is wrong with your computer- those candles do say "30"!

And my mom made her traditional bunny cake for me as well. This started when I was little and often my birthday came at some point around Easter...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Katie!

Well, What had happened was... Katie's birthday is today and I came up with the idea of baking a cake. No problem! I also decided to put Rody's hand and foot prints on the cake...Big mistake.

Rody enjoyed eating the icing though.
I also had another idea. Why don't I let Rody make his mom some birthday posters.

Needless to say that we got messy...
Rody kept trying to eat the paint as you can see in this pic...well couldn't post that pic but take my word for it. We struggled trying to keep the floor free from paint.

Bath time comes early after finger painting. Daddy was just as dirty if not more We had fun trying to show Katie how much she is loved and appreciated on this her 30th Birthday. Happy Birthday love Randy and Rody.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I speak cool galactical pictures

I've always been amazed by the night sky. From the moon to the stars, I often stand in awe of God over the creativity of His hands. Astronomy is one of my favorite subjects to teach. I never took an astronomy class, but I was a fast learner once I knew I had to teach it! I was just sure I was going to have a kid know more about the subject than me and I wasn't going to let that happen! Ha!
I find a strong tie between astronomical things and Biblical things. The Bible speaks of the sun, moon, and stars...about how God made them and how He calls them out one by one...I am awe struck when I read words alluding to that.
I saw these two pictures this week and I immediately thought about God reaching out, one more time, through his Love, to humanity. He uses us humans to spread his Love and I am all too guilty of not taking advantage of those situations...forgive me, Lord. Your truth and love change lives; they change me everyday. However, your creation speaks to us as well. Thank you for that reminder through the following photos.
"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands. Day after day they pour out speech; night after night they communicate knowledge. Their message has gone out to all the earth, and their words to the ends of the inhabited world" Psalm 19:1-4
The hand of God reaching down....
The crown of thorns placed upon His head...And by His wounds, we are healed.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the true meaning of Easter. Let that truth marinate in our souls, overflow from our hearts, and manifest itself in our actions.

So it is going to be one of those days...

It is 9:06 AM and here has been my day....
4:50 AM alarm goes off, yeah right...but, I get up
5:00 AM Sarai comes over and we do p90X plyo this morning...
5:00AM Randy and Jermaine come home from working all night
6:10AM I get in the shower, decide to shave my legs...
7:00AM leave for work, running a little late for an early meeting
8:00AM get to said meeting, cross my legs, and realize that my one leg is quite hairy for just shaving it earlier...
8:05AM take a closer look at the back of that same leg, which I realized is shaved...and my other leg is completely shaved
8:06AM laugh out loud realizing there is about a 12X3 inch section on the front of my right leg that was not shaved...let me tell you, it looks good...I think I am starting a new trend!!!

I wonder what else will happen today?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Love this boy....

If you only knew what we found in his pants after this pictures...needless to say, it was a mess and he went straight in the tub!

Rody has started helping us keep the house clean...

Happy boy...