Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Recap

Hello from South Carolina!!! We've been on the road for a week now. We spent the first part of our Christmas vacation at my parents home. It was a fun time except for the fact that my poor dad was in quarantine for a few days when some sort of virus (with a fever) struck him and he didn't want to get anyone else sick!!!
Pictures...in reverse chronological order...ha!
Christmas Morning--Rody and his new sunglasses!
Eating some ice cream (later in the day)
Playing in his new fire truck! (He opened it on Thanksgiving...)

He LOVED the fireplace and helping to make fires...our fresh out of bed faces on Christmas morning!

Making Christmas Breakfast...Caleb threw a flag on some infraction on my mom's part...it is a part of his apron he received as a present...normally my dad makes the eggs and polish sausage, but this year Caleb had to step up and make the eggs....

Earlier on Christmas eve, we (mom, caleb, maggie, randy, rody and I) went to the Cheesecake factory for a late lunch and then Christmas Eve service at my parents church...Rody ate up some white bean hummus like it was going out of style...he LOVES hummus...funny, huh? It wasn't busy at all, but we ended up staying for 2 hours--and Rody did great!

Me and Maggie...like our new haircuts???
Randy and I...
Caleb, mom, Rody
And on the 23rd, we had our annual get-together with Pey and Laurin...so much fun! We spent most of the time talking and eating around the table while my parents played and watched the kiddos...this year, Chris (Ian's brother) joined us...which was fun since Chris and Randy were roommates for a while at UGA....

Loving us some Katers, Pey, and Laurin time!
And when we arrived on the 22nd, my mom pulled out the famous masks...which were hilarious! Caleb's was a santa claus one and Rody would say "ho ho ho"..which is funny b/c he doesn't really know who santa is....

Playing with Aunt Maggie on the floor...pushing and pulling....

And before my dad got sick...Rody LOVED hanging the candy canes on my parent's tree...he also loved taking off the birdies and putting them back on...and always wanted the lights on...
As a Merry Christmas to us, my dad helped out and we purchased a smashing new camera...with a super zoom and everything...we've been having fun taking some picutres and will post some South Carolina ones when we get back to Tennesee and figure out how to download them all!

Monday, December 21, 2009

33 w 2 d appointment

Well, I finally made it to my 33 w 2 day appointment today after I fought mall traffic and arrived 20 minutes late!!! Everything went well...I'm feeling well for the most part. Baby girl is definitely still breech...which makes me nervous. I could defnitely tell she is positioned different than Rody--it is actually painful at times when she moves (especially her feet), but the doctor said she still has 2 or 3 weeks to get positioned before they are concerned.

So, if you are reading this, would you pray that she would move head down and stay that way?? I really want to avoid a c-section--Rody's labor and delivery were so smooth and I hope for that with #2 as well!!!

I go again after the first of the year--another ultrasound which will be fun! I believe I will be going every week after that appointment...I can't believe the time is almost here!

We leave tomorrow for our Christmas travels--the joys of having both families from out of town...

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What we've been up to

Well hey there blog world! I've been MIA lately, but really enjoying my time off and being a stay at home mom! Rody is just learning and growing everyday and I don't have to miss any of it--it's awesome.
We took care of our friend's children for two days this week and got a taste of what it would be like with 3 children (and pregnant with the 4th)...it was fun and a breeze...

With the cold weather and the fact that it gets dark at like 5;30pm, it is difficult to find fun things for Rody to do. Well, I thought of this one...and it was a hit!

Water, bubbles, and beach toys...and it was a good 45 minutes of fun!

I thought that it may last about 15 minutes, but after 45 minutes, I was getting tired just standing there on my feet, so I told Rody all done and never would Randy and I have thought that the biggest tantrum we have seen him throw would be in the near future. I mean tears, screaming, revolting, for a good 30 minutes...I just prayed to the Lord for wisdom on how to deal with it---we normally just ignore his tantrum moments (which aren't many), but this one was different...and I felt terrible!!!

Now, off to bed after a long, fun day!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Playing in the Snow (slush??)

We woke up this morning to a little winter wonderland! It was pretty...and only lasted till around noon!

It really was more like playing in the slush...very wet snow, but we ventured out anyways

As you can see, already melting at this point (10:30 am)

We had to go in twice to change socks...

And the Christmas tree went up on Thursday night! Rody enjoyed helping us decorate the tree...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Full of Thanksgiving

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we did go...
Ah, the joys of traveling when both of your families live out of town. We drove Wednesday to Jefferson, Ga--a normally 2.5 hour trip took 4 hours, but we got there safely (LOVE ATL traffic by the way..ha ha)
Rody was greeting by an early Christmas present. He was SO excited...his own fire truck that he could climb in and it made siren noises and everything- it even has a gas tank to fill up the fire truck! He loved it..and shouted "hallelujah" several times while riding in it.

And then of course the lollipops...

Rody was so excited...lollipops and gum (sugarless...he loves that stuff!)

And he always get an assortment of fruit at grandma Kia's house...he LOVES raspberries...must of had about 3 cups of them in two days! and he would put them on his finger before he ate each one...

We ate Thanksgiving dinner about 4pm on Thursday...Rody enjoyed it...I think his favorite thing was actually the butter he put on his pumpkin bread...ha!

The table is set! So pretty...
And earlier that day, Rody made a gingerbread house with my mom and dad...after he got over the fact that I wouldn't let him eat the candy, he did really well!

And dessert...somehow it is a tradition in my family to squirt reddi whip into everyone's mouth...

Even Rody got in on the action

He was a good little helper with cleaning up!

He LOVED the vaccuum...this one was just his size!

And the lawnmower with papa!

And here we are trying to recreate a moment...this was my dad's highchair from when he was little...
We had a very nice time in Georgia...on Friday afternoon we headed to South Carolina to spend some time with Randy's family. I don't have any pictures from there (all of these pics are from my parents camera)...but, we had a jam-packed full time...including a baby shower for our little girl on Saturday--we finally came home on Monday and are recouping and gearing up for the Christmas season!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recent Pictures

My sweet friend Veryll took some photos for us again...she is so talented (and I don't to embarass you, V, but you are!)...
Enjoy the pics...and just FYI...none of the pictures here are on the Christmas Card...so you'll just have to wait to see which pics we chose!

Lovely nose picking caught in action
He loves water! Drinking it and looking at it!

Our sweet boy is getting big!

Now a random one with the popsicle!
Good family shot, but we chose another one!

I LOVE this picture!

I hope y'all have a blessed Thanksgiving! We will be traveling to Georgia then South Carolina...maybe we'll see some of you blog readers along the way!