Monday, August 30, 2010


Ok..I'm totally bored here at work, unable to go home because of parent's night which starts at 5:30....I could get really organized and plan like my whole year, but who wants to do that? Anyways, I started looking at my back blogs...mostly of Rody when he was Anna Kate's age and I'm just laughing. It is so funny how you grow, change, etc...I am so much more laid back--whatever--with my children (in some ways). And a lot had to do with their personality differences...but they are so different
  • Rody was pulling up on everything at 6 months...Anna Kate--not a one thing. She rolls over a lot and tries to get to things and sits up really well, but that is about it!
  • Rody cut a tooth at 7 toofies for AK yet..and doesn't look like we are even close
  • Rody had this high-pitched alarming cry...distressing if you weren't used to it...Anna Kate hardly makes any noise...crying or anything...half the time I don't even know there is a baby in the room :)
  • Rody started crawling right before he turned 7 months..Anna Kate not so much...she hasn't gotten on hands and knees yet...and I don't see that happening anytime soon
  • I was feeding Rody a whole lot more at this age...I'm pretty slack with Anna Kate right now...
  • I was making homemade baby food with Rody...haven't gotten to that with Anna Kate yet

Oh, poor 2nd child...

But, honestly, I am no rush for her to crawl or pull up or whatever...stay baby baby as long as you want to little girl...keep saying "mama" and shaking your head no and are just too sweet!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Get your updated fix right here, peeps...It is Saturday and I woke up today ready to conquer the world...the first day in 9 days that I woke up without a sore throat...and felt fairly good..Praise the Lord! It's been a rough week or, we had a splendid day...we made a good breakfast, cleaned up the house, went to the swimming pool and everyone had a blast!, and cooked hamburgers for dinner. And now I am dowloading and then uploaded our pics...whew!!!
Rody just worn out...

Bedtime! Anna Kate trying to get her some Rody

Sweet Children

Our "almost" 7 month old little girl...still sweet, quiet, and still no toofers either!

She loving wearing all the cute clothes her friends have given her...Thank you Miss E, Anika, Eve, and Ria!
Reading and rocking time with daddy...
Enjoying the lush green grass

The sun is setting on summer and fall is in the air...

Friday, August 20, 2010


It's been a rough week. We got in late Saturday evening after 700 + miles in the car with two kids...and I started work Monday. Perfect timing for both kids to get sick...head colds, coughing, AK's ear infection, lots of suctioning out noses (Rody can now blow his nose, yeah!), and then I got sick...took today off of work....but in the midst of it all, our 6 1/2 month old baby girl is still all smiles (except for when I clean out her nose)....

I think the antibiotic they have her on is creating a rash around her mouth....see it?

And sitting up so well all by herself!!!

Oh, and Rody is doing great today at potty training. He is running around naked and all day today runs to his potty when he has to go....we were in his room as I was putting up clothes and he says "I gotta go poo poo" as he is running to the potty...yeah for Rody!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camp Fitch: the Final Post

There is so much I could blog about concerning camp fitch. I however don't have the time to do what I'd like...but here are some random pictures of camp fitch fun...
A family that prays together...
The Epitome of Caleb McCoy
It's an Erie thing..

This is what happens when you don't flip over while laying out on Lake Erie (I'm not saying who the picture is of...)

The best family picture we go the whole week...
Hudson and Rody
The rope swing
Rocking the babies lake side view

Great Aunt Sandy

I even got a round of corn hole in
Caleb and Anna Kate napping together
Loving my baby girl

Swing Time

"Oh the camp fitch bunch is the truest and the best; they keep things going and they never get a rest; and they have one yell and they yell it all together and it goes like this; CAMP FITCH FOREVER"

Camp Fitch : Hanging Out

We do a lot of hanging out at camp real agenda to adhere to...doing what you want to do...not really knowing what time it is (unless it is a meal time.ha!)...
Anna Kate loved the swing. I have an adorable video of her in the swing saying "mama", but blogger won't let me upload it for some reason..

Playing Corn Hole.....Lake Side

Loving on some cousins....
Riding horses...

Getting your face painted
Riding more horses...Rody really did like this...he however was in a lack of sleep coma for the first part of the fitch experience...
Hanging off a tree

LOTS of was fun to watch them self-play...getting sticks out of the brush and making them into swords...all the good stuff...
Courtney...Jason's comes and brings his family too...

Eating lollipops
Hanging out with uncles and aunts

A good time was had by all!