Sunday, July 25, 2010

And that's our Sunday

Fun, relaxing day...our attempts at getting pictures of our kids these's a challenge!

Yeah...not sure about this one...I think Rody was in the middle of saying "cheese"

And some adorable pictures of what Rody made in church today...I think they were learning about Daniel and the Lion's Den....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where have we been??

Where have we been? Well, not in front on the computer much if you are me...It's been a busy summer. However, I am now done with summer camp and have 3 weeks off before the start of another school year! Here are some updated pics of the kiddos for you to enjoy..

Rody wants to hold Anna Kate all the time. He'll say "Anna Kate sit on my laps"....he thinks he has two laps...and he'll say "both ones" to indicate this...hilarious...she doesn't seem to mind. She just goes with the flow like everything else!

We made a quick trip up the Gatlinburg last weekend to see the Barnett is a great 1/2 way point to meet. We took Rody to Dollywood for a few hours to ride the train and the cars...he LOVED it!
And Anna Kate rode the carousel for the first time! She really enjoyed it!

And we will be living it for the next few weeks too...we have two trips planned. One to South Carolina to visit with Randy's family and so Randy can finish tiling their kitchen floor and then our second trip is to CAMP FITCH!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I (Randy) have the kids while Katie is at summer camp. Rody was watching Cars today while he ate lunch. Anna Kate woke from her nap and we came into the living room at the same time 50's music was playing on the movie. I began to dance holding Anna Kate. I told Rody that I was going to dance with Anna Kate when she gets married. I asked him, "do you know who you will get to dance with when you get married"? Without taking time to think about it he said, "Grandma Kia". I said, "yes you will". Thought you would like that Grandma Kia!

A whole new world

anna kate entered into a whole new world tonight...the world of solid food. She's been showing signs of readiness now for a couple of weeks...and boy did she enjoy it! She basically attacked the spoon and bowl and wanted was funny...we got it on video. I just mixed a little rice cereal with some breastmilk...

And whatever she didn't finished was polished off by her brother...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summertime and the living is easy

I got to spend some time with my parents this week while Randy helped his parents with some remodeling projects. We had a very nice, relaxing, and fun time!
Anna Kate met her great grandmother (my mom's mother) can see where she got her newborn strawberry blonde hair from...

This is how you can find her sleeping these days

jumping around at grandma Kia's house
Her first feel of grass...she LOVED it

And some fun with natural light and pretty head pieces...

The crossed eye on this one cracks me up!
so sweet

Fun with a mink coat
every girl needs some good fur
Rody had a blast with his cousin Karson....they went to see firetrucks, went tubing down the chattahoochee river (with me and papa), watched a Gwinnett Braves game, and logged hours of pool time as well...more posts to come!

Monday, July 5, 2010

our life the last few weeks

And this post is an update of the last 2 weeks of our life...started with today and going backwards....
We've been busy, enjoying summer...
Our beautiful 5 month old daughter

Rody loves his sister

We went to Laurin's house on Saturday for a day-o-fun! We love getting together with our oldies and besties...Randy or "uncle rusty" as Eve calls him was busy entertaining the children
Love, love, love these 2 girls
Future friends?
College friends, former UGA athletes, what fun! (Pey, KT, Laurin, Michelle)
Corn Hole! What form, Peyton!
Isn't Laurin's house the cutest???
A couple of weeks ago we got Anna Kate dedicated at church....
I don't have many pictures from my camera documenting this...Randy's dad has more on his, but I haven't gotten those yet
The Barnett's were in town for a few days and did tourist things while I worked summer camp....
Here--Ruby Falls

Mayfield Dairy...this picture makes me laugh
They all look good in hair nets!

Whew...what a whirlwind! I'm home this week...thankfully...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anna Kate: 5 months old

Wow! Anna Kate is 5 MONTHS OLD???!!!

And "cooler" than ever!

She is so quiet compared to Rody at this age. You wouldn't even know she was there half the content and now loves to watch Rody play...he loves it too! Anna Kate is still the great sleeper. She goes down without much effort or addiction (like a paci...) and sleeps about 13 hours at night. She still takes like 3-4 one hour naps during the day...which suits us just fine.

Not sure on weight/height yet. She has a 5 month well check next week (we are a month behind). But, no news here that she is "healthy". We haven't started her on solids yet, still just mama's milk...but she is getting interested in what we are eating, so I know the time is soon!

Happy 5 months, baby girl! You are the apple of our eyes!