Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I love fall. I love cool weather. I love open windows. I love a cold bedroom that you can get warm with your covers. I love hot chocolate. I love leaves changing colors. I love fall.
I love that Randy lets his hair down every once in a while (smile). I love Anna Kate's "I just woke up face".
I love Anna Kate's big blue eyes, beautiful porcelain skin

I love how Rody says "silly girl". I love that Rody is potty trained. I love how my children are becoming friends. I love how Anna Kate squeals when Rody plays with her.

I love my little family!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

time for a haircut?

Our sweet boy has adorable curls and I hate to cut them...because I know they probably won't grow back!

But when people start mistaking him for a girl...then it might be time for the scissors!

Monday, September 20, 2010


So we went up to Dollywood for the day and invited our friends Veryll, Jermaine, and their two kids...Jermaine had to work, so Veryll came with us...
We drove 2.5 hours up to Pigeon Forge and as we were driving into PG realized that our hopes of an uncrowded day were fleeting...there was big car show there and I have never seen it so was ridiculous. It wasn't bad when we were driving in, but when we were leaving at 7pm it took us about 1 hour to drive 1/3 of a mile...we didn't have to stay on the main road long (thankfully), but it added to our trip. In the park it was fairly crowded too...and hot...but that didn't stop us..we had a nice time, but definitely will check the activities going on in PG before we go back again... :)
Anna Kate...hung out most of the time like this...and the good thing about Dollywood is that there are nursing rooms that are air conditioned, have gliders in them, private bathrooms, changing tables...just really nice!
Sweet Ria...she is so much fun...

Rody and Javan were in heaven with the train....
Love this picture...
We were really having fun...even in this picture seems otherwise :)
The boys had a blast on these little rides

Veryll and Ria
How many car seat photos do I have of her???!!!
Eating some lunch...
Sweat, Crowds, Traffic, Children, Dollywood, Rollercoasters...a good time was had by all!


Random pictures that our camera has collected the last few weeks...
Crawling pose! (but not yet!)
Is it a hazard to have cords sitting right behind your children?? uh, don't answer that...
Rody still wants to be a baby sometimes...

Laurin has been to visit us twice in the month of September!
Bath time is fun time...until someone does a face plant in the water (not saying who though)
We play outside a lot these days...especially between the hours of 6-8 pm...beautiful outside...
rody making a rainbow...actually pretty good and accurate!
Daddy's girl...

Rody getting good at riding his tricycle!

Anna Kate: 7.5 months!

Oh, I know I missed her 7 month blog, but not too late for her 7.5 month blog post! Wow, Anna Kate is not 7.5 months old...and so fun! What are you up to these days?
  • You LOVE to pull up with our help (and our hands) and love to stand
  • You are almost ready to pull up on your own..
  • You are not crawling yet, but I am in no hurry...
  • You say "" all the time...especially when you want me to come get you
  • You've said "dada" too now...
  • You LOVE bathtime. We've started giving you baths with Rody and y'all splash and play for a good 20 or so minutes each night
  • You squeal with delight every morning-you are so happy in the mornings
  • You sometimes sleep on your tummy...
  • You are nursing about 4 times a day now and eating solids 2 times day. I have not found anyfood that you won't eat yet!
  • You weigh about 20 lbs. 9 ounces...and are wearing 9-12 month clothes
  • You are in a size 4 diaper
  • You are delightfully chubby and I love it!

ha ha...always grabbing for the camera!

Mama loves you precious one...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We enjoyed a delightful Labor day weekend at home in Tennesee. The weather was gorgeous, football officially started, and we had some visitors..and we played outside a lot!
Grandpa and Grandma Debbie stopped in for a short visit on their way to Branson, Missouri for the week. The kids loved seeing them...even if it was just for one night....

Rody and his "friends"

We played outside Sunday evening and watched Rody play tball...he is actually pretty good for a not yet 2.5 year old! Anna Kate and I just chilled out on a blanket most of the evening...
She was starting to feel better at this point....

Loves to stand up too! (with help of course)

And Rody ran around most of the evening with a blue mouth (ring pop) and no pants on (potty training...and he likes to pee on trees..)

His expressions are priceless

Keeping his eye on the ball

A fantastic time was had by all!