Tuesday, January 29, 2008

33 weeks and "nesting"

We were in Greenville, SC this past weekend for a baby shower. It was a great time! My mom actually got to drive up from Jefferson, so it was really good to have her there as well. We were really overwhlemed with all of the wonderful gifts that friends and family graciously gave to us. The Lord is so good! He is providing everything we need and so much more.

The last two nights (Monday and Tuesday) we've spent trying to get the baby room together. Randy painted the room and cleaned the carpets on Monday night. He then cleaned the rest of the carpets in the apartment today! He also put the crib together last night--was up until 3 or 4 AM working on thing...what a wonderful husband! Needless to say, we are making progress, but we still have a lot of organizing and upacking of baby items to go!

Here is the baby room as of now. We painted antique white since we don't know if we will be in this apartment for long--and then we won't have to paint it again when we move. It is sort of the guest room/baby room!

I'm looking pretty rough in this picture. I just got home from work and only got 4 hours sleep last night, so bear with me! I am standing next to the crib filled with gifts from the shower!

This is our salvation army steal! We got this for $100--it is a solid piece of furniture and we are using it for the baby's stuff right now. Randy and I sanded it down in October and painted it black...I love it!

My hard working husband cleaning the carpets! Thanks Rug Doctor!

The shower in South Carolina- My mom, me, and Randy's mom on the right.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Pregnant and larger than life (literally!)

Well, it is Friday evening and Randy and I have been working the last several hours on cleaning the apartment and trying to get things organized. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it still seems overwhelming at times. I went to the doctor on Thursday and it was pretty routine. Pee in a cup, get on the scale (uuhh), check your blood pressure, and listen to the baby (which I love!). I have another appointment in 2 weeks. I will be 33 weeks then...it is slowly approaching. So, here are a few pics of New Years and my belly at 30 weeks!

Here is a New Years Eve shot. We have sort of made this a tradition- getting together at my parent's home with Peyton and Ian, Laurin, and Randy and me. We had a good time!

Ian and Peyton checking out the options.

My mom sitting in her lovely chair!

Wow...this is hard to believe it is me. This is my belly at 30 weeks (which was 2 weeks ago...so it has grown again). I am putting on cocoa butter everyday to try to ward off the stretch marks!

I'm still trying to wear my size L t-shirts...and I look like this in them!

The girlies....Katie, Laurin, Petyon. They are the great friends!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Things I learned at Child Birth Education Class

Okay...I promise I will post some recent pictures this week. Basketball ended on Friday, so I now actually have some time in the evenings to do things other than eat and sleep! My belly looks really different than the 26 weeks picture and baby boy is active. It is so much fun to feel him move and kick and roll...whatever it is that he does in there. He has this little personality and I just can't wait to meet him!

So, Randy and I went to an all day child birth education class on Saturday. We opted for the 1 day session because of our schedules. It was really good. We learned about the stages of labor, the different drugs that will be offered to me..and to Randy :), how to handle a newborn (the video "Happiest kid on the block"), coping techniques for labor and labor positions, breastfeeding, and a whole lot more.

Here are some things that stick out from the day:
1) Initial labor can be really long...Randy couldn't believe that it could be like 30 hours before you actually go to the hospitial. Good thing we have a birthing ball at home and we also learned different pressure points that Randy can trigger on me to help me "cope". We went through some fun exercises where I learned that I definitely DO NOT want Randy to ask me questions as I go through a contraction, but touch without words is nice :). And as he put it, he thinks I may need somebody else in there with me besides him b/c he doesn't know if he can do massage, etc for 36 hours all by himself...I'm hoping my doula sisters, Molly and Maggie, will be available! We also learned how to accurately time contractions and figure out how far apart they were...this is a good thing

2) I want to go natural. I guess it is the athlete in me and women have been doing it for years! When I set my mind to an athletic goal, like running a 1/2 marathon last year, I finish it no matter what. I am hoping this takes over during labor. I must learn to focus and breath...Lamaze class here I come

3) Breastfeeding is wonderful. And unless you have a tumor on your pituitary gland, you will produce breast milk. I kept hearing about how all these women want to breastfeed, but just don't producde milk. I learned that this just doesn't happen. Breastfeeding takes work and dedication and is not easy. Many women just give up too easily...I am determined, but realize it will probably be harder than I think. And, if you adopt a baby, you can breastfeed! (If you want more info on this, just email me).

4) We talked about our biggest fears concerning child birth...and it was good to discuss those. I continually pray for the health of our baby and know that the Lord is the life sustainer. I have a hard time when I cannot control things (but when are we ever in control??), so this is definitely a trust issue with me.

Pictures to come soon!