Friday, December 31, 2010

White Christmas

The south does not normally see a white Christmas. It had been almost 80 years since Roxboro, NC experienced a white Christmas. Almost 130 years since Atlanta, Ga had a white Christmas. We had a white Christmas started to snow noon on Christmas day and we had a couple inches by that evening. It continued to snow until around noon on the 26th and we had a total of around 6 inches...that is A LOT of snow for the south... A LOT...and it was fluffy snow...just loved it!
We went 4 wheeling, sledding, and just plain playing in the snow...Rody loved it too...
and I love how the pure whiteness turned out in these pictures...snow is so was just so white...I felt like I was in Narnia when we were 4 wheeling in the woods...and it reminded me of just how pure Jesus washes our sins..."Those are sins are like scarlet, they are made as white as snow"


Anna kate enjoyed it briefly too!
What is this stuff?

What a great memory. Anna Kate--your first Christmas was a white Christmas!

A few of my favorite things: picture version Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 is in the history books and I have a heap of photos for memories. It was one of my favorite Christmas times ever...we spent almost a week at Molly and Jason's house and my parents came up for a few days of that time. It was just so much fun...being with family, lots of laughter, playing outdoors, snow...the list could go on and on...
Get ready for a bunch of pictures...I tried to capture some highlights (minus the white Christmas...that is a post in and of itself!)...
All the grandchildren...

4 wheeling with my nieces!
Rody's first 4 wheeling ride


Kasen and Anna Kate's first Christmas!
Kylie...the first grandbaby

We had some fun with jingle bells...turining them to earrings!
The fam...

Anna Kate loved the jingle bells

The girls

I enjoyed Kylie playing for us
The babies

Oh, these next 2 photos have a story behind them...and I wish I could capture it...but these two pictures just make me laugh...Jason had to get a tetnus shot....done by none other than Molly!
A day full of air gun tactics and games...this is tied to why Jason had to get a tetnus shot....he was going in camo where most men would not go...
Dad always naps with the babies!

Rody and Kaitlyn really got into Grandma Kia's Christmas craft...Rody worked on this for a solid hour....
Anna Kate finally got comfortable....

I LOVE this picture....

My boba carrier...a lifesaver
sweet baby Kasen
Oh, the memories....we had a wonderful time...memories etched in my mind...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

Here's to wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Above is our Christmas card this year from shuttefly. I was very happy with that experience!
We are off tomorrow for our Christmas travels during which we will visit every state in the south east...just only feels that way!
Merry Christmas and see you next year! (I may or may not be blogging...who knows???!)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

So, with the cold weather (highs in the 20's) and the fact that I am off for the break, we've been doing a lot of hunkering down and hanging out. It has been fun, although it does always seem to take me a while to be OK with doing nothing :) I've enjoyed being with the kids and Randy and we've had lots of concentrated family are some pics from the last few days...
We got the kids their Chrismas pajamas...they are wearing them tonight because tomorrow morning is our little family's "christmas" since we'll be out of town for actual Christmas..

I promise my kids are happy and fun...even if this picture says otherwise!
Rody's pajamas are very fitting...Thomas the train PJ's..this is a Thomas the Train Christmas. I can't wait to post pictures of Randy making him a wooden train is awesome...and we have some good ebay finds on trains/tracks, I know Rody will LOVE it!
Anna Kate is pulling up on everything these days...loves Rody's fire truck...
I tried getting her pic in her cute Christmas outfits...this is the best one I got of her!
ah, joy
Sweet girl

I love this one!