Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cooler Fall Days

Okay. I'm not sure that anyone ever really reads this blog, but I will write anyways! Maybe one day I will really advertise it to my friends and family so they can read it more frequently, but until then I blog only occasionally.

Life is very busy. Since basketball started officially this week, I do not get home until 6 pm at night- which doesn't leave much Randy and Katie time (so sad). It is hard, but Randy is doing more laundry and cooking more dinners than ever! We had our big ultrasound on is the news.

First off, the ultrasound lady or technician must not have been in a great mood. It kind of dampered the whole experience, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and saying she was having a bad day--hey, I'm a teacher, I know what it is like to have a bad day! Anyways, this is Randy's first appointment that he has been to...everything is so new. The baby is looking good! We saw the spine, all the ribs, the head, the heart, the femur..and then the baby boy parts! Just wide open right there for us to see! I was so excited...and Randy even more! We would have been happy with whatever God blessed us with, but there is something about having that baby boy first that made us just light up! Randy needed some more convincing that our baby was actually a boy, so he showed the picture to the doctor who so affectionately told us that he was definitely a boy- no question about it- you can bet on it in Vegas. We'll see! :)

I've been feeling the baby move more regularly this last week. It is the craziest thing! I feel more of the kicks or punches or elbows, but I actually felt it inside me and on my hand the other night and it was so amazing! I just couldn't believe it. I actually woke up last night and the baby was is thrilling for now, but if these wake up calls happen more frequently, Junior and I may need to talk! :) I'm sure the baby is just preparing me for when he does come into the world and will need those 3 am feedings...Oh, help me Lord!

Today we enjoy a day of rest at HOME (yeah!) and tomorrow Laurin and Peyton come so we can drive to Elijay, Ga for our annual apple picking time!

Until later,
Katie and Randy and baby boy!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Break

Well, Randy and I just got back from 4 days of fall break. Yes, I still get to enjoy such things since I am a teacher. We met up with my sister Molly and her 3 kids and my mom at my parent's mountain place in Cashiers, NC. We had a blast! The weather was great, we hiked everyday, and we just enjoyed each other's company. A funny thing: my nephew, Karson, I always have something funny to say about him (or profound...). We were asking him if he wanted to be a football player (you know, as in play football), and he thought and said "nah, mom, I want to be a Christian". We all giggled a little inside. Molly said that was great, but that we are supposed to be a Christian no matter what we do--we can be a Christian and do other things. Karson pondered and said " that is very interesting..." (as he is sucking a sucker sitting on Uncle Randy's lap). So, Molly asked him, since he can be a Christian AND something else, what he would like to do. He nonchalantly said "play basketball". So, there you have it, folks! Wisdom from a 5 year old.

I want it to be my passion to not only be a Christian in faith, but in word and deed in my life as well. I want that fact to permeate everything I do. I am definitely working on this--and marriage definitely helps (props to all you married people out there!), but nonetheless, it is my desire.

I will post some pics just as soon as I get around to it.

Loving Jesus!

Randy and Katie (and baby Barnett)b