Monday, March 31, 2008

Rody's first doctors appointment

We took Rody to his first doctor appointment today. It was quite an adventure seeing as it was the first time I have been in a car since Thursday! We had a good appointment. He weighed in at 8lbs 10 ounces, so he has only lost 1 ounce since birth. Our doctor is very kind and we had a great experience overall! Enjoy the pics...

Here is Rody in his boppy before we get him in the car seat
He gets cuter every day!
Boppy picture again
Mommy and Rody
Daddy and Rody
Rody does not like the car seat!
In the doctor's office
Well, I am going to take a nap as Rody is napping! It is a challenge getting used to the lack of sleep...but Rody is sleeping some good stretches through the night--some a little over 3 hours between feedings. He is such a wonderful gift from the Lord and we love him SO much!

Rody's Visitors

Rody has had several visitors the last couple of days! He is quite the social butterfly already..

Rody, Mommy, and Veryll
Veryll and her son Javan
Sweet picture!
Our neighbor, Oscar Franklin
Another neighbor, Sarai
Jerry Franklin

Jermaine and Rody

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saying bye to Grandma and Grandpa Barnett

Randy's parents have been in town since the birth and had to leave to go home today. They have been a big help to us in these first few days. Grandpa Barnett spent the night Friday and Saturday to help take care of Rody...which really helped Katie with her feedings through the night. Enjoy the pics!

Mommy's baby boy!

Uncle Ford, Aunt Stephanie, Dad, Rody, Mom, and Grandparents!

Grandma Debbie and Rody

Grandpa and Rody
Randolph Raymond III, IV, and Jr.

Mommy loves her little Rody man!

Friday, March 28, 2008

First full day home!

We had our first full day at home today! It was so good to be home and not in a hospital. Rody enjoyed his first day as did his mommy and daddy. Grandma Kia and Aunt Maggie came over for a few hours today. Maggie has to fly back to Germany on Saturday so it was very sad knowing she will not see her nephew until August.

Maggie and sweet Rody

He is SO cute!
Grandma Kia and Rody
Sweet baby face
The McCoy girls and baby boy!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rody came home today

Rody joined us in our journey home today. We breifly stopped by the Collegedale Police Dept. to have the car seat checked for proper installation. Collegedale is home to our church and also the Little Debbie snack cake compand. Rody has been very good today and is overall a mild mannered boy. He does not cry unless he is hungry, has something to suck on, or needs a diaper change. Mom is doing well and was able to take a much needed nap for 2 1/2 hours after arriving home. Rody is close to 9lbs but would never know it. He has long skinny legs and torso. He is also strong already lifting he head some. Enjoy our pics.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lil' Rody is having a great day of eating, sleeping, and pooping. He occasionally provides a glimpse of his pretty blue eyes. He is breast feeding well and has a strong suck and latch. He really enjoys sucking on fingers and his blanket. He also appears to be social and enjoys knowing what is going on. Enjoy the pics...

New Pics of Rody

Here are some new pics of Rody. His mom and dad got a couple hours of sleep this morning. Baby Rody has been breastfeeding well and has a strong suck. He is a blessing and great baby boy.

Baby Barnett is Here!

Randolph Raymond Barnett IV (Rody as we call him) arrived on Wednesday, March 26th at 1:45AM. He is a hefty 8 lbs 11ounces and 21.5 inches long! He is absolutely perfect and mom and baby are doing well. Here are some of his first pictures!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Baby Boy Barnett Update

Well, we went to see Dr. Childs this morning. We had an ultrasound first and baby is nice and plump! He is measuring at we'll see. He still has enough amniotic fluid at this point and is moving around really well. Dr. checked me and I am 3cm dilated and 70% effaced! That is really good news!! He did a little procedure (stripping membranes) to help me along. I am hoping I will go into labor naturally this evening or early morning Tuesday. If not, I have an induction scheduled for Wednesday morning. So, either way, we will have a baby by Wednesday.

I'll update with pictures whenever he arrives!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Past Due!

Well, I am past due. I really don't know why they give you a due date since only 5% of babies are actually born ON their due date. It seems to just mess with momma-to-be's minds (at least mine). I went to the doctor on Thursday and the baby is doing just fine! I am having some contractions, but nothing to actually put me into labor. I am trying to enjoy each and every day, but I admit it is getting a little difficult to just "be in the moment".

Maybe we'll have an Easter baby? We'll see...the moon IS still full tonight. If not, I go to the doctor on Monday to re-evalute what we are going to do. He may induce then, but definitely will not let me go past the 26th or 27th of March. So, either way, today was our last Saturday as a family of 2!

We can't wait to meet baby. I'm going to go for a walk while there is still some daylight left...


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Done with work and 1 week from due date!

Praise the Lord! I am done with work and today is my first day on spring break! It is very exciting to have made it this far. I went to the doctor this morning and basically he said baby is doing well and seems to really like it in there. There really is not much change as far as my dilation (I've been 2 cm for three weeks!). My due date is in a week. He said if I don't have this baby next week, then he will bring me in on Sunday the 23rd or Monday the 24th to induce labor.

Please pray along with me that this baby will come naturally next week. I know the Lord has his days numbered and knows when it is his time to be born, so I am trusting in the Lord's timing. However, I really do not want to be induced if at all possible!

I will keep you updated.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Some more pregnancy pictures

Here are some more the pictures. I have some really cool ones, but unfortunately I don't feel comfortable posting them on the web for everyone to see...they show a little too much skin! But, they are very tasteful and Randy and I love them. So, if you are a close friend and will be seeing me soon, I can show them to you!
All of these pictures were taken when I was almost 38 weeks along.

So I felt like a super model...

Here I am pondering
Nice belly shot- we are at a park at Lee University
I love this one. Veryll told us to look down and we were having a hard time keeping straight captured the moment

How cool is this? I can't wait to meet the little one the Lord has been weaving in my womb!

Time flies. I have 3 days of work left. My last day is March 12th. My due date is "officially" March 20th. I have less than 2 weeks left!

Our friend, Veryll, came over last weekend and took some great pregnancy pictures of us. She claims she is not a professional, but I think she could make a career out of it! Thanks for the pictures, Veryll!

We had a great time shooting some pregnancy shots. Some pictures included Randy holding a fan so my hair would funny! And Randy even took his shirt off for some photos. For his generous compliance, he convinced me to take some pictures of us with him in a camo shirt...oh how I love my husband!

So, enjoy the photos! I am posting some of my favorites...

Much Love,