Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break Glimpse

The weather has been BEAUTFIUL this week during my spring break! Very warm for March (80's) and sunny...we've been soaking it up. We've been meeting friends for play dates, going on walks, playing outside...I even got the water table out and introduced AK to it....

Ha ha...this is what I get when I prod and beg for 5 minutes for them both to look up...
I've been cleaning, organizing. As I was doing something, I heard nothing, which alarmed me. I found the kids on their room reading books by was precious!

Anna Kate really loves books right now...which is fun! I love reading to both of them. She will find a book and toddler over to me handing it to me...she really loves Dora books right now--she even pointed out "map" and said "map"...she walked more than she crawled yesterday! She is getting so big...and she is communicating more and more..she has new words all the time..she loves her blankie and I caught her counting "one, two" the other day--it was really precious. She has started shaking her head to my questions--even if she means yes! ha! I've enjoyed this time at home this week--makes me thankful that I am a teacher and have so much time off during the year--
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Last Friday night we loaded up the jeep, the trailer and the children and set out for a family camping night out...

The weather was warm, it was a full moon and the children were excited!

We had an eventful time--it seems as though everyone else also wanted to camp that night. The free sites we were thinking of were all taken, so plan B...we stopped along the Hiawassee River to eat our hot dogs and smores before it got too late... Rody loved throwing rocks

Anna Kate chilled in her pack-n-play
And Randy started the grill
We did eventually find another free site up on Chilhowee Mountain. I tried not to think about the fact that a little boy was killed and a mother attacked by a bear up on Chilhowee about 3 years ago....I guess that is why I love going camping with my husband...needless to say, we definitely had the means to protect ourselves...ha ha
Anna Kate seemed to like it! but she did NOT like the family style sleeping---uck...I was up most of the night with her or she was sleeping snuggling on me...
Loved that we had this one with us too!

And Randy's friend, Aaron, literally "hang" out with us too...
Do you see Rody snuggled in that corner? He actually slept really well! We had to wake him at 8:30...

I did lots of laundry on Saturday and we recovered from no sleep...but it was SO much fun...will definitely do it again...once Anna Kate turns two!

Friday, March 18, 2011

He's *ALMOST* Three!

A little post on Rody. He is so funny--keeping us busy! He loves to organize sea shells, his cars, his boats. I saw this on the floor the other day and he had organized the shells according to type of shell--pretty impressive

Here he is showing me some of his shells

And the humidity is back! I know this because of his sweet curls...

In about one week we'll be singing Happy Birthday to this little man!
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We Were On a Break!

Don't worry blog world, I didn't break up with you--we were just on a break. And now that I am literally on a "spring break" (although it isn't even spring yet), maybe we can get reaquainted!
Something has sprung up in our garden, its not last year's vegetables, it is our children...
Apparantly Anna Kate has an affinity for eating dirt--yuck

But they won't be able to play in these much longer as we have started our spring planting---2 types of lettuce and brocolli yesterday

And the Greatest Show on Earth was in town, so we took the kids to the circus! It was so fun, but I did not get many pictures. Rody loved the clowns. I loved the Elephants and the motorcycles. Did you know they have dogs and cats in the circus too? who knew???

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this next week--lower 70's, no chances of rain--I am loving it!