Saturday, January 31, 2009

Along with beginning to walk on my own (see post below) I also have started pointing at things that get my lights! (here, the lights on the camera)
And my 4 toofies are getting bigger and bigger!

And, my mommy thinks I am just so cute!

Are we ready for this?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Peppermint lollipop

Do you think he likes peppermint tootsie roll pops?

Can you guess who the culprit is?
That's right....Grandma Kia! Where there is Grandma Kia, there is lots of forbidden things :)

Grandma Kia

Grandma Kia came into town for a few days and came bearing gifts!
Rody's radioflyer (Christmas present) was a huge hit!

We enjoyed taking him for a stroll down the street!
And, of course, he loved all her accessories...from her scarfs to her earrings, they were a hit! He even learned where his ears were because of playing with GK's earrings so much..


Just some random pics I took the other day...
Love that the bottom of the duck says "hot"...

Do you see that snot coming out his nose? (Sorry, Morgan, if you are reading this!)

Check out that deep squat...yep, definitely our child

Monday, January 26, 2009

10 months old

Happy 10 months old, Rody!

It is difficult to get good pics of him lately...he anticipates the flash and likes to squish his nose and so...

You know what they say about a family that bathes together? Oh, Randy wanted me to add that even though the picture might look otherwise, he is wearing appropriate clothing...
A little Alphalpha "in the back" going on...

Sunday, January 25, 2009


yum...what new things can I eat with my 4 toofies??
I don't know...but I was thinking of a food that my mama loves!
umm...they are real tasty!
Kinda a weird texture...
But I ate all 4 of them in 1 day! Yep, 4 nuggets and 4 teeth!
and, since 4 is apart of this post, I will be 4x2 plus 1/2 of 4 months old tomorrow!
Can you figure that ou???

Friday, January 23, 2009

Randy's political and theological quest

Just FYI--This was written by Randy and I feel the same way about all of his views as stated below, but I didn't want to take away from the fact that this was something he wrote today**

Sorry no pics, only a political and theological rant if you will indulge me. I have been on a quest of sorts for the past several weeks. As a part of this quest, I have experienced a wide range of emotions that have been evoked by my personal and theological reflection of the past and my anticipation for the uncertain future. My quest was partially impacted by the transition to power from the Bush administration to the new Obama administration. I am very fond of the now former President Bush and was sad to see him hand over power. Tuesday, as Rody and I watched the inauguration I sought to contemplate on the nature of “change” that we as a people would soon embark upon. I was left to ponder for only a short time. Obama has recently disclosed his radically leftist agenda to close Gitmo, sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), and aggressively fight on behalf of the Gay, Lesbian, and transgender individuals (listed on Upon finding out the Obama agenda I was even more sad and confused. How can the American people much less Christians elect a person who is so radical in his stance on morality? By signing the FOCA, he would undo all that President Bush did to limit abortions. This act would reinstate dreadful partial birth abortions and propel the nature, frequency, and cruelty of killing babies in and out of the womb to levels not seen in this country before. Considering Obama’s long reported stance on abortion coupled with the liberal media’s strong support for homosexuality and ridicule of traditionalists in light of the passing of prop 8, I am left to ponder. What will become of these United States? How long will God tarry given our blatant killing of babies and our accepting of homosexuality as something this is natural and justified in the name of societal tolerance? This leads me to the two questions behind my quest. Where is God and who/where are His people? These two questions have been embedded in my psyche as a reoccurring lamentation. Where is the voice of the righteous speaking loudly? Is the voice of the righteous muted by ultimately failing righteousness as defined in scripture and adopting a righteousness that is defined according to our postmodern society and the stream of liberal theologians? This of course is righteousness that seeks inclusiveness in order redefine love, togetherness, and morality according to tolerance and anything other is hateful obtrusiveness. Biblical righteousness, on the other hand, is that which involves participation in the divine nature through an active faith that produces actual holiness encompassing the crucial element of love. This is a love that proclaims liberation with the voice of triumph not from oppressors who oppose a certain lifestyle but freedom from the lifestyle that holds a person bondage confining him/her in death and darkness. I would assert that love is the most crucial element of redemptive life. If this is true then love must provoke a burden inwardly caused by sin. How long will the righteous keep quite by hiding in safe communities of family and the ecclesiastical body? These societal issues along with our personal/professional struggles with finding God and His will for our life continues to leave me perplexed. I suppose I am left to continue my wrestling. Maybe these thoughts whether you agree or disagree will induce mental contemplation and spiritual reflection. Rody just woke up, time to shake his hand through the rails of his crib!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time never stops

and neither does Rody...this bathroom scene is something that happens several times a day...
He loves to get in his towel basket and pull it all out

These are some of the last shots of Rody at 9 months....
Big boy

This video makes me smile...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Rody is doing so many cute things these days with new things almost daily! I wanted to capture a few of my favorite things about him...
1) the way he sits on his knees when he is emptying his toy bin

It is so adorably cute that I can't stand it!
His chubby legs! I just could eat 'em!

3) His bright blue eyes that light up my world!
4) and finally his sweet smile now filled with 4 toofies...yes, 4!


I hesitate to pose this because it shows our "messy" corner...but, it was too cute not to!

Rody we caught you climbing on your toys!

All in a day's work!

I don't remember...

What I used to do between the hours of 6-9pm!!! I was giving Rody a bath last always...around 8:15 thinking about this. Seriously, what did I do with that time?

These days, this time period is what I like to call "controlled chaos"...I am exhasuted by then from working all day...Randy is tired from working all night and taking care of our little one all day, and Rody is tired from a long day of playing...

We are strictly in survival mode at this point...playing on the floor, making/eating dinner, letting Rody crawl around, swiping his mouth out from whatever he has decided to put it in...etc

I am sure all you new moms know what I am talking this the hardest part of the day for you as well? Maybe it is a different time for the stay at home kind, but for us working outside the home kind, I believe this is the most difficult...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Before it gets too cold!

Rody and I went for an awesome 45 minute power walk on Monday afternoon...I had to dress him up in this winter get-up, but he loved it!
When we found him in the middle of his toys the other night, we literally meant he was in the middle of his toys!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


For those of you who have asked me about the recipe, click here.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'll mash my own taters, thank you!

Rody fed himself mashed taters tonight...he actually did a pretty good job!

Of course, he occassionally missed his mouth and hit his nose instead

And he sometimes put the spoon in with the side with no mash taters down, so you know...he really didn't get any then

Overall, a good time was had by all

9 month pics

Check out those toofies!

Stats below...