Monday, February 28, 2011

AK 12 month well check

We are in a crazy, trying season of life right now. I pause and take a breather to blog at the moment--this is what I see mostly of AK these days--crawling away, climbing, getting into things she shouldn't..
Ah, there is my sweet girl..
She is walking now-did I tell you that? She will take 5-6 steps at a time and then just dives forward--it is funny.
She is 30.5 inches in height--90%
She is 23 lbs 9 ounces--90%
And her head circumference is 90% too!
So, we've got a proportioned girl on our hands, ha!

Here is a random shot of our dining table...the kids eating bananas and blueberries
And my sweet boy--he doesn't sit still enough for a pic most days--he is keeping us on our toes and keeping us relying on the Lord for widsom and strength in parenting

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anna Kate: 12 months and 1 year old photos

Actually, Anna Kate is 12.5 months old today! that is crazy...February is already half over--time really does fly!
I had her one year old pictures taken outside on a sunny, 60 degree day at the end of January by my friend and personal photographer( ha...seems like it), Veryll...thank you Veryll for capturing Anna Kate at this age in such awesome photographs..

Look at those teeth...and the cracker, ha!
I am so pleased with how these pictures turned out with the vibrant colors of her tutu and the matching balloons (my last minute idea that I am so glad I followed through with!)

This one is probably my favorite...she was playing peek-a-boo with the balloons
Where is Anna Kate??

so sweet
Ha! love it

I got her birthday outfit from a seller on etsy (in case you are wondering)

so cute
Oh, cake time. Poor girl..she gets her affinity for cake and icing naturally...

must feel nice on the toes
fistfulls I tell ya, fistfulls

happy girl

don't worry, we cleaned up the mess
And she is telling us "all done"

She does not have her well check until later this month, but I am guess she is around 23 pounds right now and really tall still...She is saying new fish, diaper, doggie, apple...She took her first steps (about 3 on her own) on Saturday, February 12th!!! She was so proud...and she is into everything...I mean everything...she doesn't stay on one thing too long like Rody did, so she seems to make much more of a disaster path in our home than Rody did--oh well-- :)
We are definitely enjoying her!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Celebrating Anna Kate!

The day began with Randy making AK her 1 year old pancakes in the shape of her initials...I think he did a really good job!

Anna Kate really liked them too!

Then when I got home, we loaded up in the rainy weather and went to Chick-fil-A for family night!!!

I couldn't get her to look at the camera much...she was too busy looking everywhere else!
daddy and Rody

We got back home and waited on some of our friends to come join us
Once they got there, we got the cake out and started to celebrate! (I regret that I am in all of the following photos, but I was the one bringing her the cake!)
Blow out the candle
Trying out the icing (frosting if you are from the North like me.. :)) right away
Still liking that icing
Where is my piece?

Love it!

AK's friend Ria...
The boys
The boys had their own table too!
Veryll and Ria
Bethany and new baby Jesse
The kiddos
The men

Cake all over her face!
Opening some gifts...Veryll made a sweet pillowcase dress for AK!

The fam

It was a wonderful day celebrating our sweet Anna Kate! Happy Birthday, baby girl