Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I can't find a cool title for this post...

Our baby room is finished! Well, baby room/ guest room (we have a small apartment). My mom and I found this bedspread at Target for like $20 and it was the colors of the baby things, so I bought it and I am so glad I did. It makes the bed goes with the rest of the room much better. Like the curtains? I put those up last night.

This is our glider/rocker and my "nursing" corner. I love it! It is tucked away and I have my birp cloths all ready! I guess I have some anxiety about this topic because of all my crazy dreams seem to surround nursing! So funny...

Here is the crib! I love those canvas pictures on the wall. My mom and I found these at a place called "real deal" in Jefferson, GA. I saw them and immediately thought of a baby boy's room...and the colors are so good. I am so glad my mom picked them up for me!

Randy's parents came for a visit a couple of weekends ago...we had a good time!

Here I am at 9 months pregnant...I don't like to post a lot of pictures of myself at this time...not that flattering! But, Randy looks so cute.

Well, we have about 2 weeks left and it is going by so quickly. My last day of work is March 12th, so I am getting through each day as best I can. We are so excited, but still have not decided on a name. It seems like there are even more names on the table at this point. It is such a big decision! More to come later...

Katie and Randy

Monday, February 25, 2008

3 more Saturdays to sleep in!

This will be a short blog, and unfortunately will not contain any pictures. I will post pictures soon of Randy's parent's visit last weekend and our baby room...which is almost finished! So, the realization that we have about 3 Saturdays left to sleep in is really sinking in. It is jut so crazy how life will change. Randy and I are trying to enjoy the quiet moments together now and also trying to go out to eat as much as possible!

Funny story...never bring a hungry, pregnant woman to the grocery store with you. Always, always, always have her eat first...because pregnant women and pastries DO NOT mix...not a good idea. And I don't really eat pastries. But, last week we went shopping at the local Bi-Lo and the first section you hit is the pastry section. I wanted everything...I mean everything. It was bad. We ended up not getting any fresh pastries, but decided upon little debbie snack cakes, nutter butters, and oreos. I opened up the oatmeal cream pies before we left the store. And, again, I don't eat Oatmeal cream pies! I guess I was also not feeling so bad because I had been to the doctor and actually lost a pound instead of gained a pound...bad thing to know for a pregnant woman!

Randy just laughs at me because of my ferocious appetite. I do really try to keep it under control most days and try to eat healthy. However, last Thursday night I was in rare form. Can any pregnant women relate???

More later...


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Preparations and Atlanta Baby Shower

My mom came into town for two days to help Randy and I get the baby's room together. I was so thankful for her help because it was a little overwhelming to get started. We were able to get things organized, buy a crib mattress, get the crib set up, put away clothes, etc. And--we had a good time! Here is a picture of her in front of our armoir.

While we were busy working on the room, Randy was busy putting together all the baby equipment. Below, you can see he is hard at work putting together the pack-n-play that his parents got for us. It is amazing all the little trinkets that come with things these mom was amazed!

On Saturday, it was off to Atlanta for a baby shower thrown by my two best buds, Laurin and Peyton. It was so much fun! We had it at Peyton's house and a great group was able to attend. Friends from high school, friends from college, and friends from my parent's church all attended. Below is a picture of Laurin, me, and Peyton.

It was so great to see old friends from high school! Below you see Erin, Beth, Me (holding Carly) and Liz. It was so much fun to catch up with everyone!

Lots of fun gifts!
Peyton's mom made an adorable centerpiece out of diapers! She also made a wreath that was outside the front door!
Here is cutie Eve! She is growing up so quickly!
Well, I am 35 weeks along now and really starting to get anxious. It is hard to believe we only have 5 more weeks left, but at the same time it seems a long ways away. Randy and I are so excited to meet our baby boy!