Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Debbie

Happy Birthday Grandma Debbie!

The picture that made you a grandma...
We hope you enjoy your day!
We love you!


We spent the day at Dollywood on Saturday with Randy's happens to be halfway between us and parent', it is a good meeting place.
rody made a new friend...
(again, I cannot control the sideways pictures...sorry!)

We got to ride the choo-choo train!

eating ice cream

getting tired..

Stephanie and Ford were able to come up as well
Ford tearing up a game...

There are three rides for the wee little ones...and Rody LOVED all of, the ducks...

And the bees....

And the pigs....

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Every 17 month old boy needs a good night's this case, with a blanket over his head...

And every 17 month old boy needs a pair of boots to go with his new cowboy hat, don't you think??

We went with the larger size so he can actually wear them for a reasonable amount of time...
Um, please excuse the mess behind Rody in this picture. We just came back from a 1 night and 1 day know how that goes...
Between Rody and Randy, I believe I am well protected around these parts!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Camp Fitch: Part 7 Awards

Campers receive awards for a majority of the activites at Camp...Randy spent a lot of time at riflery and archery...He is actually a certified archer now by the National Archery Association! Way to go...
I think Karson's award had to do with the rock climbing wall
Rody got the "jungle boy" award for his 0-1 age group because he loved to swing!
Playing ball with Papa

Camp Fitch: Part 6 Family

Lots of together time at Camp Fitch...sitting around under the HUGE trees that provided us with incredible shade
Kylie and Papa

Karson and Rody had lots of bonding time
The Camp Fitch Bunch

Some of the girls...
Some of the boys...
Big surprise! Maggie flew in from Germany on Tuesday and only my mom was truly a great suprise!!!

The McCoy clan...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Camp Fitch: Part 5- Lake Erie

This picture needs no can see the joy on his face!
However, this picture needs a caption...any takers?
Dad riding the jet ski...making us nervous only 7 weeks out of his knee replacement surgery...
Grandma Kia and Rody putting rocks into a was a solid 30 or so minutes of fun
He is getting SO big!

Camp Fitch: Part 4- sunsets

Lake Erie is known for its sunsets...and our cabent had the best view each night!

Funny story...look at this picture closely...see Jason? yeah, he's a funny guy...

Rody saying "sun"

"From the rising of the Sun, to the going down of the same; the name of the Lord shall be praised"

Camp Fitch: Part 3- the Rope Swing

It seemed like this year was the year of the "rope swing"...the rope swing is located on Lake Mivima...a questionable "pond" in Camp, but fun nonetheless...
I think this is Kylie

Definitely Kylie...what form!
Jungle Man...

Courtney (Jason's brother)..

Ah, the competions for height, splash, and distance were endless...