Saturday, October 30, 2010

little miss tutu

Happy Halloween...or Happy end of October...Anna Kate is sporting her tutu today....

This one is precious....

And on Wednesday night we went to a fall festival at church...AK went as a bumble bee...

Happy Girl

Can someone say "snot" much?
Happy Fall Day!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome to the world Kason David Evans

My sister, Molly, gave birth to her 4th baby yesterday! What a whirwind...check out pics here on their blog:

Monday, October 25, 2010

fall leaves

Some cute pictures of the kids one night...

Cookie Screamer


* We may have created a monster

By we, I mean my mother :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


We went on a quick trip to South Carolina this weekend. Randy, Stephanie, Ford and I went to the Clemson game on Saturday afternoon and the grandparents took care of all 3 of their was fun to see them interact...especially AK and Lily since they are so close in age (17 days apart)...
And the report when we got home was that AK was the high maintenance one...go figure...she wasn't happy and didn't take her bottle, but all survived!

This picture makes me laugh because AK is so much bigger than Lily...she looks older, but they are both 8 months old...

Holding hands

And Lily loved rody one point he hugged both of them and said "best friends" sweet
And we had great seats at the Clemson vs. Georgia Tech game...we forgot our camera in the car or I would show you some great shots...the weather was beautiful and we sat in the shade the whole no sweating for me...yay!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a first

Anna Kate is smiling to say "I cut my first tooth yesterday"...
It's the bottom left, it's no big deal

I even started to squeal
I'm smiling big, but you still can't see it
But one day soon my mom will blog for you to hear it (the squeal)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rody: 2 1/2 years

I've been dedicating monthly updates of AK as I did of Rody when he was younger, but thought a Rody post was in line next...Rody turned 2.5 years old the end of September and boy does he bring us joy and laughter every day!
Some highlights at 2.5 years
  • You are potty trained..whoo hoo!
  • You still sleep A sleep till 9:30 or so every morning and take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon
  • You are all boy...full of wild and fun energy...
  • You've learned how to ride your tricycle and will go and pick tomatoes and put them in your bike trunk
  • You are a good eater...oatmeal, all fruits, most veggies, love salad
  • You drink LOTS of water...we don't give you juice (I think you get it at church though...explains the craziness)
  • You still like to watch Dora
  • You've know your ABC's for a while now and can recognize most of the letter
  • You spell your name
  • You sleep with your 2 blankies and some stuffed animals
  • You are very methodical
  • You love your matchbox cards and your trains
  • You speak so well. Your sentence structure amazes me...
  • You are so loving...and you are learning your manners. I love when you say "thank you mama" totally unprovoked
  • You are usually nice to AK...this has been an issue lately, but we are working through it!

You have the cutest blonde curly hair!
You love to wrestle around with daddy...and you have started in on imaginative play. I love to watch you play as you commentate what your toys are saying to each other
Pretty good 3 point stance here...randy and rody work on this a lot
This was his face when I told him to look "mean"

You are really funny and make us laugh all the time. You are the total jokester and will do anything for a laugh

You are full of life, full of energy, and the sweest 2 year old boy I know!
And you find AK hair bows around and put them in your hair...

You have an incredible memory, don't forget a thing, love to sing, love to dance and don't like being told "no" when you have it in your head to do so...Randy says he is getting what he deserves (as in this is how Randy was when he was little) and I'm thinking "what did I do to deserve this??" (as in, I was perfect when I was little).. ha ha peeps..
Oh yeah, Rody walked in to me and nanny two talking (our neighbor) and says "what's up peeps"? He is always coming up with stuff like that...just out of is so funny!
We love you Rody Barnett!

fall fields

I am so behind on blogging...gotta catch up...we love going to a big open field and taking with balls, etc...
rody was not in the best mood this day, so we didn't get many pics of him

Randy punting the ball

Fun chasing around
And AK and I just chilled on a blanket

She is SO sweet
and has got personality to go with that
loving the jeep rides

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My dad was chosen to receive the Bronko Nagurski Legends award this year. This award is given to the top defensive player of the year in college football. A few years ago, they started giving an equivalent "legends" award to one player in the last 40 years. My dad is the recipient this year. This is a big deal and I am very proud of my dad. I know he wants God to have all the glory in this, but I wanted to honor him and his life and his service to the Lord here on my little blog on the "world wide web"...
He will be receiving it at an awards dinner/banquet in December in Charlotte. I really hope to be able to go and experience this too...
Here is a picture of dad playing college football... #77...
And here are dad and mom during the halftime of a Notre Dame game this year honoring my dad for receiving this prestigious award

Congratulations, dad! And mom, get ready for your tribute when you compete at the Word Ice Skating Championships!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anna Kate: 8 months

Wow...the months seem to be going faster and faster. Anna Kate is now 8 months old!
At this point you still don't have any teeth, but it looks like your upper front teeth may be coming soon. I see them right under your gums and your gums are swollen.
I'm not sure on your weight--you are probably 21 pounds and a few ounces.
You are wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
You are not crawling yet, but can go from sitting to hand and knees, but then quickly just collapse on your stomach. You still love to stand with our help and can around much better in your walker now.
You start to squeal and kick whenever you see the neighborhood dogs and cats.
You tend to be shy around new people and hold onto me for dear life...
You cry a lot when I put you down..Randy says I spoil you...and that you are a big time mama's girl...but I don't mind ( I know it won't always be like that!)
You still sleep about 12-14 hours at night and take the equivalent of a 2-3 hr. nap a day--either all at once or in 2-3 little naps
You babble "mama, dada, and have said things with a nana sound"
You nurse 4 times a day and eat fruit with oatmeal in the morning and a vegetable at night. I have not started any finger foods yet since you have no teeth!
You adore Rody and Rody loves you too (most of the time...)

You were playing "peek a boo" here

This picture reminds me so much of Rody...
Sweet baby are loved!