Friday, June 25, 2010

Their eyes were watching God...

I have so many great pics of Fripp Island, but after my facebook upload fiasco I haven't had the strength to upload anymore pics..until tonight...almost 2 weeks since our sad! We are back the grind. I am working a camp at school this summer for four weeks. I just finished my first week of camp and am is exhausting....
Back to Fripp Island Pics...I had some fun trying to get a close up of everyone's eyes...I got almost everyone....


Katie (my eyes look green here, but they are actually blue)


Sweet Anna Kate
The house we stayed in was right on the beach...and had an awesome covered deck that we ate all our meals in the morning and coffee at night on this deck...

Family pic out on the Atlantic

I love this picture...

The Island had several pools on it that we could use...
Rody loved sliding down this slide

And this was our view from the back deck

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cheap Fun

It was an odd day in some ways. Rody was not feeling well in the morning. I knew it when he didn't eat breakfast and then wanted me to hold him all morning. We got ready for church and got in the car...then Rody threw up...everywhere. So, home we went. We enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home then headed to the pool for an hour or so. We finished up our evening riding with the top down in the jeep, running some errands and gettting some dinner out. Then, we came home and enjoyed some "cheap" fun....Rody loved the water hose...he could play with water and a hose for hours...
Happy Father's Day, Randy!

Fun with the camera...I had it on continuous shooting I caught some fun things!

My favorite!
And we ended it with a nice ice cream cone...
And that's a wrap..


Legacy. Our children are a part of a legacy...on both sides of our families. Randy and I have been blessed to have fathers who stand upon the Word of God and led their families according to that word. We are so thankful. The pictures below show just a part of that legacy...

Happy Father's Day to our fathers...we love you very much!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Randy and I celebrated 5 years of marriage yesterday. 5 years. I don't know if that time period feels long or just seems like a milestone. In 5 years we've experienced many things....happy times, hard times, celebratory times....the best thing of these five years is our two beautiful kids...we are blessed...
Here is Rody...showing me the water tower he made for Grandma Kia

Spending some time outside
Our sweet baby girl...4 1/2 months old
Sweet Rody...saying "cheese" all of his pics look like this...his "cheese" face
Anna Kate not phased by Rody's onslaught of hugs and kisses...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're Back!

Just a quick drop in to say "we're back"!
We had a wonderful time frolicking on uninhabited islands, sandbars, beaches, and the pool...and here are a few sneak peaks to upcoming posts....whenever I can get them done!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Okay, I know that are children look a lot alike. However, we are seeing more differences as Anna Kate gets older. But, looking over rody's pics at 4 months and pics I took today of AK, I realized just how much they do look alike...can you tell who is who? There are 2 pics of AK and 2 pics of Rody on this post....answers on the bottom!

Answers: AK, Rody, Rody, AK