Sunday, May 1, 2011

Anna Kate: 15 months and full of personality!

Oh my. These last two months with Anna kate have been so fun. She is a hot mess...just a hot very opinionated and silly. She can be so fun one minute and then give you the cold shoulder the next minute. We just love her to pieces. Her vocabulary is constantly growing and her interaction with Rody is just plain hilarious---they play really well together and often we can hear giggles and squeals from behind the curtain in their bedroom of them playing hide and seek together...

I snapped these last evening as we were outside most of the afternoon playing in the water and grilling out chicken...

Here she is on the hammock...

She looks so long here!

She has cut 2 molar teeth and working on some more

She loves to laugh

Is silly

Gets in to everything...and is growing some hair (you see it?)

says cheese for the camera

Our other "hot mess" child Rody...he is so fun right now too...I love his imaginative play and he loves to tell us what to do and how to go when we are driving

Here, one night at dinner wanting his hair in a pony tail "like daddy"....I think it is time for both of them to get a haircut :)

Happy 15 months, Anna Kate!