Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update: As you see it now

So much to say, but I won't. Just pictures...Parts of our house...AS YOU SEE IT NOW...for picking up here.. :)

The french doors from the living room

Living room

As you see it now...our living room...

the pantry/laundry room

my laundry room!

Kids' play room...looking out to the deck

Play toys picked I said "as you see it now"

play room other side

thank you to Caleb, Randy and my mom for all of their hard work! As you can see below,
the boys insulated some attic space!

and my favorite picture of caleb..I couldn't find it to upload it...but I is awesome (and on facebook if we are friends there)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


It has been almost 3 months since I've last blogged...and there is so much to catch up on! Major life events are happening...
1) I spent 10 days in Germany with my mom, Kylie, Aunt Monica, and cousins Crista and Laura. It was an amazing, God-ordained time. We were primarily there for the ISF International Adult Skating Competition in which my mom and Monica competed in. It was so fun! I have to do a post on just that. While I was away, Randy took rockstar dad status to a new level by taking care of our 2 littles for 10 himself..I know--rockstar

2) I got back and Randy had a job interview---with a position and place really out of nowhere....and to make a long story short, he took the job, we are moving to Columbia, SC and I quit my job at GPS and will be a stay at home mommy for a while...this situation has so many faucets to it that I'd like to share also in more detail...

3) Summer has been crazy...our parents have taken care of our kids, Randy has been doing this with his new job and I have worked 4 weeks of summer camp at GPS...we've looked at houses and are currently trying to work on a contract for a home in SC...we will be first time home buyers which is very exciting. We've been packing, having yard sales and are getting ready to officially move in 5 days.

4) I will start blogging more..just as soon as we move and have internet access in our new place of residence...and in between there we will make our annual trek to CAMP FITCH with my family...we always knew when God moved in this situation that everything would happen so fast...

5) I have no idea if anyone will read this seeing that I have not blogged in months, but if you made it this far, I applaud you!

Blessings to you today!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Anna Kate: 15 months and full of personality!

Oh my. These last two months with Anna kate have been so fun. She is a hot mess...just a hot very opinionated and silly. She can be so fun one minute and then give you the cold shoulder the next minute. We just love her to pieces. Her vocabulary is constantly growing and her interaction with Rody is just plain hilarious---they play really well together and often we can hear giggles and squeals from behind the curtain in their bedroom of them playing hide and seek together...

I snapped these last evening as we were outside most of the afternoon playing in the water and grilling out chicken...

Here she is on the hammock...

She looks so long here!

She has cut 2 molar teeth and working on some more

She loves to laugh

Is silly

Gets in to everything...and is growing some hair (you see it?)

says cheese for the camera

Our other "hot mess" child Rody...he is so fun right now too...I love his imaginative play and he loves to tell us what to do and how to go when we are driving

Here, one night at dinner wanting his hair in a pony tail "like daddy"....I think it is time for both of them to get a haircut :)

Happy 15 months, Anna Kate!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Can you stand the cuteness???

Oh, what a glorious day...and we got some cute on only if you can stand the cuteness (ha ha)...

So sweet...Rody is a great big brother

Love it!

It is hard to get a good picture of both of them...and it would have helped if I did not have them looking into the sun :)

We had a nice Easter dinner at home...pot roast with potatoes and carrots, mac-n-cheese, green beans and peanute butter pie for dessert..which Anna Kate LOVED, but Rody--not so much...

She kept saying "yum"..

And she has started saying "cheese" when we take her is a "cheese" face

My favorite....

Loving it

silly siblings

And some family shots

Happy Easter Everyone!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt 2011

What a full, fun day...we woke up to an Easter suprise....Peter Cottontail left us some Easter nice of you, Peter Cottontail

Rody--my big boy---
Anna Kate was enthralled with all the lollipops

And we headed out for the entire afternoon--a nice ride in the jeep, lunch at Jason's Deli and our church's Easter Eggstravaganza!

AK loved the bouncy balloon...

The Egg Hunt...Rody took off like he was running a was so sweet to watch

AK slowly but surely got some eggs herself

Our little bunnies...Rody just over 3 years old and Anna Kate just over 1 year old

The kids also got to ride a donkey... :)

AK really liked it

Halfway through the afternoon, Rody and Randy both got their hair sprayed pink

And we continued to have fun!

Her hat was adorable, but a little floppy...

Overall, we had a great afternoon! Looking forward to Easter Service at our church tomorrow!