Thursday, February 26, 2009

11 months old

Such a big boy! Grandma Kia came in to town today to help us out...
She brought him this little chair...and a sucker

11 month notes
-walking around the place
-loves to have us chase him and tickle like crazy
-will burrow his head into the couch and lay really still waiting for us to "get" him
-loves to point at lights and say "li"
-other words: Dada, mama, doggie, kitty, light, bye, hi
-big eater (well, until he got sick last week), loves yogurt, whatever we are eating, vanilla wafers, bananas
-loves books these days--"Kitty go", "Goodnight Moon", "peek-a-boo", "Learn your shapes"
-last time I weighed him (a week or so ago), he was at 22lbs 15 ounces
Can't believe you are 11 months old little man! We love you so much...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hometown Friends

We enjoyed a *beautiful* day in Chattanooga! Our friends Andy and Jahna came to visit from a little further North than us...

We ate at Tony's in the Art district and walked around the river front area for a while

It was a lovely day and the weather couldn't have been any better!
Great to see the Vaughn's!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Olden Days

So Rody has his first bout with a painful diaper rash. I wanted to let it air out, but didn't wanting him peeing all over the place. So, cloth diaper...except I've never put one of those on...and I'm pretty sure it is not supposed to look like the pictures below...

But, it worked!

Old School

I found these in my Bible the other day and wanted to scan them in.
The first pic is of me and my dad...March 1980. I was 11 months old..Rody will be 11 months old in just about a week!
When looking at this pic of me, I do see some of me in my little Rody man...

And here is the family circa late 1980's...Molly, Caleb, mom, Maggie, Dad, Katie

Molly...fantastic "feather" look in your hair; the brush back on the side...Caleb--too cute; Mom- nice perm; Dad- you haven't aged a bit!

Monday Surprise

Surprise! You get to have a root canal done today! This definitely was not something I ever thought I would have to go through much less on Monday morning!

Throughout the weekend I'd been battling a strong toothache that progressively got worse. I called my dentist on Sunday night and they replied first thing Monday morning and told me to come in. They did an x-ray and the dentist said I had an infected cyst on the top of one of my nerves and that he thought I would need 2 root canals! I tried not to cry..I thought they were going to have to pull both of my teeth (you see I've never had this done) and was relieved that all they did was drill a hole and pull out the nerve...that's all you say?

He sent me to a specialist that same day (they work quickly) and the specialist confirmed that is was in fact an infection, but I only needed one root canal!

So, drill baby drill (ha ha!)...the worst part was acutally the numbing up was so tender b/c of the infection. I kept praying and telling myself if I can go through child birth, then I can handle this...nonetheless, I was gripping the arm rests like crazy and trying not to cry...I'm a wimp when it comes to things like that.

I came out of it pretty well and have to go back in 2 weeks to seal the root canal---right now I have some antibiotic stuck up in the hole and I get to taste medicine for a couple days...yuk, but the pain is gone! Whoo hoo...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sometimes you just need a nap

Sometimes you just need a 6:30 pm...when you were so tired that your mom contemplated putting you down bare bottomed to let it "air out"...
Our boy is getting so big...approaching 11 months! He is walking all over the place...he has gotten so good at it and now is walking more than crawling (crazy, huh?!) Needless to say, it wears him out...well, that and the climbing of the stairs and playing with the neighbor's dog!

And, sometimes you just need some Cracker Barrell pancakes with blackberry know what I'm talking about!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

'More' chicken

It takes a while, but he finally gets there!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Climbing Stairs...what's next?

We didn't even know he could climb stairs until day...the motivating factor was "p-tail", our neighbor's dog!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


My little boy is becoming a toddler...right before my eyes!
His first pair of shoes! thanks, Bethany, for these aweosome striderite shoes...he's a 5w if you are wondering

Eating (sneaking) ice cream...
Swinging at the park!

One happy family!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Schedule continued

7:45 bell rings...class as usual...a 6th grade girl asks "what are we doing today"
7:46 another 6th grade girls asks "what are we doing today?"
7:47 I finally say "I'll tell you once everyone is in here and the bell rings"
I do this 4 X a day on average...
11:15 break...pump...
11:45 Lunch
12:15 pump sometimes here too
12:45 advisory time..more 6th grade girls
2:46 bell rings...done teaching
2:47 get milk out of fridge and attempt drive home
3:00 in people
3:45 Home
3:46 open door..."rody" mommy's home!
3:47 baby permenately attached to my left hip for the next 30 minutes
4pm "Where's mommy? There she is!"
4:30 snack time...puffs, water, maybe some cheese
5pm No, Rody, don't try to put your finger in the light socket!
5:30 dinner time for Rody!
5:31 heat it up, put him in the walker
6pm messy, clean up, diaper change, shewee!
6:30 survival mode, have I eaten yet?
7pm play on the floor..where's rody?
7:30 baby getting tired...bed time yet?
7:55 naked baby time! diaper crawling and walking around now!
8pm bath water on...warm
8:01 baby in bath, toys
8:15 still splashing
8:20 wave bye, bye water
8:30 dry off, diaper, jammies
8:35 nurse
8:40 still nursing
8:50 night, night daddy
8:55 thumb in mouth, mommy rocking baby, bedtime story
9:00 Jesus loves me, in crib, fast asleep
9:05 check email, facebook, some blogs
9:30 brush teeth, jammies, turn on baby monitor
10pm eyes shut, dark, zzzz...

A typical day in the life of Katie Barnett!

There are some times when the day is not so on Sunday when I sturggled to get Rody to sleep for 1 hour, just to go in his room and find poop everywhere...yes, everywhere. Apparently he pooped and it was the "up the back" kind, he got his hands in it and preceeded to get it on the sheets, bumper, blankets, etc...I had a good time cleaning that up!

I'm tired just writing that!


Inspired by my friend's blog, here is a typical schedule for Katie, the working mom.

5:30 Alarm goes off...static like because the channels not right...I hit snooze
5:45 dream land this really real?
5:50 alarm has already gone off 2 more times....static like...I hit snooze
6:00 start to hear rody...gotta get up
6:05 get rody out of cute and snuggly and warm...he wants to point to lights
6:10 still feeding rody...trying not to get him too awake b/c he goes back to sleep
6:15 stand up to burb, place babe on bed to change diaper...he is trying to point to lights
6:17 diaper successfully changed. I open my closet in his room to find out what I am going to wear...crap...all my clothes are on my floor in the other room
6:19 I hold rody and squeeze him tight- tell him how much I love be a good boy for daddy...and that I will see him soon
6:20 try not to cry
6:21 in bedroom with cell phone as a light to try to find clothes to wear...wondering why I wasn't organized enough to pick them out the night for some clean socks
6:25 coffee on...smells good
6:25 in shower...quick one again...never get a long one on the weekdays
6:30 dressed, time to blow dry hair
6:35 Ahh! no time for make up!
6:37 I have 5 minutes to make an egg sandwhich...I wanted to sit down and pray this morning and read my Bible...sorry, Lord...let's talk in the car!
6:40 turn off lights...quietly turn on monitor for rody's door so randy can hear him
6:45 turn car on window
6:46 defrost on high, hot, katie cold, outside, scraping window
6:50 on the road's dark...and road rage has already started...pray I don't almost hit a homeless man crossing the street (seriously...I'll tell this story one day- almost happened. Scare him and me to death)
35 minute commute...
7:25 long drop off it cool and don't let anyone see you singing to the radio
7:30 in my classroom...this is more like home to me than anywhere else...
7:33 computer on, emails checked, getting ready for first sweet 12 year old faces
7:40 bell rings here we go!

Ok...for those of you interested in this saga continuing, let me know and I will document the rest of my day! And I will do a weekend...Sunday for instance...those are always fun :)

Monday, February 2, 2009


Rody's first "snow"...I was at work, but daddy got some shots of him enjoying it!

I don't think he really knew what to do!

And just because we are floored that this walking thing has happened so quickly and he is getting better and better at it everyday....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Sunday afternoon

What to do on a sunny, 60 degree Sunday afternoon in February?
Well, change the oil in all the vehicles of course!

And while he's at it, wash all the vehicles!

Rody and I went for a little walk and then he continued to sleep in the stroller, outside!
The sky was beautiful! Here, making a little cross!

And, yes, the moon was out...a 1st quarter moon actually!

And now we will relax the evening away...I hear there is a super bowl on TV!