Sunday, October 25, 2009


Some recent pics of our fall no particular fall break with our friends in Cashiers, NC and then our afternoon at the pumpkin patch in Riceville, TN!
Rody loved being chased in the hay bails

Family of 3.5!

Rody loved saying "pumpkin" and "tractor"

Hmm...which pumpkin to pick?

He loved petting the animals...especially the goats

And he loved being chased in the hay bails...

Rody and Eve are BFF's now...Laurin says it must be in the genes! They had a blast paying in the mountains and then again yesterday at Laurin's house!

Just call him raspberry man!

Hanging with Uncle Caleb

Laurin and Peyton

Thursday, October 22, 2009 words...

I seem to be out of the blogging mindset lately. But, I have been reading all my daily blogs...Randy likes to make fun of me for this, but he has a secret too--he has daily gun blogs that he reads- fascinating I know. So, lately...

I had fall break last weekend (with Friday/Monday off)...we headed up to Cashiers, NC to my parents cabin/condo where we met my brother, Pey/Ian/Eve, and Laurin for a fun weekend! We spent Friday and Saturday nights there--Rody and Eve played so well together and I got to have a lot of girl time with my girlies...there was a "cookie-off" contest-I did not participate or enter a cookie because last week was rough and crazy for me, but I did vote...and it was hilrious...I won't go into too much detail, but Ian, the dark horse, came away with 2 more points than everyone else's cookies and won...I'll be sure to enter my molasses cookies next year!

Rody developed some sort of rash all over his body (legs and chest) on Monday night--very strange--we took him to doctor on Wednesday and he is having some sort of allergic reaction to something or it is, benedryl at night and something else during the day (zytack?? something like that) seems to itch him at times and he looks down at his rash and says "ouchie" a lot, but he is so sweet about it...

We are headed to Athens tonight to stay at my parents house--Randy is playing in the annual AIA golf tournament at the Georgia Club on friday--it is a fundraiser for UGA's AIA (who he intershipped for)--this is his 3rd year playing I, Rody and I will kick it with my mom on Friday--I plan to bring all our coupons and our new coupon organizing system and spend some time getting organized--only my mom doesn't know that I am going to ask for her help--either in organizing or watching Rody and I'm pretty sure I know what she'll choose!

We are crusing through October. Rody says new words everyday--like "orange juice"...which is strange because we rarely have it and he NEVER drinks it...he is a water and milk only drinker. The only time we give him juice is apple juice with his chick-fil-a kids meals, but other than that, nothing. So, I don't know how he knows what orange juice is!!! He loves fire trucks now--and says "ire truck"...but, he calls any moving vehicle a "ire truck", but we're working on it!

That's all for now!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

18 month stats

Randy took Rody to his 18 month well check yesterday. Rody was quite the charmer, starting with the little girls he was saying "hi" to in the waiting area. Then, his charm moved to all the nurses as he walked back to the next waiting room....Then, when Dr. Crabtree walked in, Rody said "doctor" which totally charmed Dr. Crabtree (who is wonderful, by the way!).

Weight: 27 lbs 8 oz (60%)
Height: 32 1/2 inches (60%)

He has been battling some on and off sniffles/running noses this month. Dr. checked his ears and he has infections in BOTH ears (but it didn't seem to really be bothing him until the night before this appointment when he and I only got about 4 hours sleep...), so he put him on an antibiotic and hopefully that will clear it up. Overall, he is a very healthy, vibrant little boy who loves to eat fruits and vegetables!!! Also, he is a HUGE fan of hummus...which is great. He and I usually have some sort of hummus snack when I get home and when he gets up from his nap. I am attempting to make my own hummus this week so we don't have to keep buying it at $3.50 a carton.
He is saying new words everyday...he says "I love you" and "Go dawgs" right now--his only real 2-3 word phrases. He is learning elbow, shoulder, and knee when he is getting a bath and can say and point to all of them. I am working on colors...he's got blue and yellow down, but not red or green yet. He LOVES lawnmowers...he will sit and watch someone cutting the grass for literally 20 minutes and NOT move a muscle...he has his own play lawnmower too that we take outside on a daily basis. He loves to throw "icky" away for me (trash) and also seems to like to clean things. Folding clean clothes is like a 20 minute treat for him---he picks up the laundry, throws it, picks it up, throws it...great entertainment for around 20 minutes...

I go to my 22 week 5 day appointment this afternoon. I can tell you that this baby girl is so active. I think more active than Rody was at this point. She keeps me up at night. I love feeling the movement though--Randy even got to see a kick when my belly shot up like a rocket the other fun! I can't wait to meet this little one!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Rody is now 18 months and I figured it is time to post some new pictures of my adorable, handsome, little man!!
Off in the jeep to play!
He loves to put on all kinds of hats these days...cowboy hats, randy's hats, etc...
I'm pretty sure this will be the last picture of me on the blog in a while...I can't even take it! Here I am..21 weeks in this picture...I am so much bigger at 21 weeks this pregnancy than with rody, but I guess that is normal...uhh!

September 26, 2009...Randy making us pancakes for breakfast!
Rody and his two with milk, and one with "awa" as Rody says *water*
Snuggling with his blankets and reading himself a book... "Goodnight Gorilla"
Playing horsey with daddy....
cutie pie