Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bejing 2008

Congrats to Reese Hoffa, Christian Cantwell, and Adam Nelson! The shotput has just concluded at the Olympic Trials and these three men made the team!
What is really cool is that I (Katie) trained with both Reese and Adam under Coach Babbitt at UGA. They are great, fun guys and I wish them Olympic Gold in Bejing!
I can't believe that it was 4 years ago when I was competing at the 2004 Olympic Trials in the hammer throw. Randy and I had just started dating! Now, 4 years later, we've been married, both finished our Masters degrees and have 1 beautiful baby boy!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Captions, please!

These photos are too funny! We need a good caption for each of your ideas under comments for:
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The most clever, thoughtful caption will win a prize!

Greenville, SC

We had a great time in Greenville. Rody got to meet many new family members!
Micheal Franklin

Cousin Dillan
Cousin Robin
Cousin Rebecca
Micheal and Monica Williams
Grandpa Ray...nice and tan from his recent cruise!
Aunt Stephanie!
Great Aunt Faye

Cousin Angel Franklin....she is actually due with he 3rd child in September!
Great Uncle Harold and Great Aunt Connie!
Ginger Hall- long time family friend
Miss Mamie Hall...long time family friend as well!

Rody is learning how to not only grab objects, but also bring them to his mouth!

This is Great, Great Aunt Lois! She is 90 years old and doing very well...she loved Rody!

We took Rody by Grandma Debbie's work and she showed him off like a very proud grandma would!
Great Uncle Lloyd!

Rody met so many family members and did so well being passed from person to person! He is a very social little guy and did great on a 2 week vacation spanning 4 different places!
We are glad to be home!


On our way to Charleston, we stopped in South Myrtle Beach to visit Randy's friend, Tony and his family on their vacation!

Tony and his wife Ashley first meeting Rody!

We left Myrtle Beach and headed to Charleston for two days!
We toured Charles Town Landing, which is the site of the first British colony in South Carolina. It was pretty neat, but extrememly hot, so that dampered our excitement a bit!

We enjoyed downtown Charleston- so much charm! We ate at Hyman's seafood...WOW! It was the best seafood I've ever eaten!
Here is a picture of the spread that Randy and I shared. It included shrimp 'n grits, salmon, tilapia, fresh shrimp and crab cakes...topped off with the best hushpuppies!
We walked around the Battery. This is the site of where the first shots of the Civil War happened.
It was a nice visit!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Myrtle Beach Part 2

"What happens on a night walk on Myrtle Beach, Stays on Myrtle Beach"....But only because I promised Jason I wouldn't tell. Can you guess this re-enacted picture? Let's just say it was very similar to a Friends episode and Jason was the one who stepped up!

I was so excited for my sister Molly to meet Rody! She was there several days leading up to when Rody was born, but had to leave when I was in labor!
Rody and his cousins!
Such a cute photo and cute smiles!
This is one of my favorite family photos! I love the blue ocean in the background!
We had a great time in Myrtle Beach and can't believe it is already over. We stayed in North Myrtle Beach at Seaside--which I highly recommend if you are ever going there! We talked about making this an annual we'll see you next year Myrtle Beach!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Vacation Update

Hey blog readers!
A quick update. We are at G&G Barnett's home right now. We got here late Wednesday and will be leaving this weekend. What a wonderful vacation this has been! I can't wait to get home and post more photos for you. Here are some updates:
  • Sorry Mom McCoy, Maggie, and Caleb- Molly and I made a great little video of us on the other side of the pond saying hi to all of our European relatives. Unfortunately, we took it with Jason's camera and cannot download the file type...oh well! It was a good thought- we missed y'all (and dad as well...but he is not in Europe right now).
  • Father's day was great! We were at the beach and enjoyed a relaxing day. Molly highlighted Katie's hair- it was hilarious fun!
  • Randy and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! Can you believe it? 3 married years later and a 3 month old baby boy....we are truly blessed!
  • We at at Hyman's seafood in Charleston, SC. WOW! It was voted best seafood in the south by Southern Living Magazine and I believe it...WOW! I'll blog a pic of that later
  • I will blog about "what happens on a night beach walk in myrtle beach, stays in myrtle beach". Let's just say it was a replica of an old Friend's episode and Molly got stung and Jason stepped up....more on that later!
  • We think Rody is teething! I know...not even 3 months old yet, but definitely has all the signs. So, I am trying to read up on what I can do for a baby that young who is teething. Any suggestions?

Hope everyone is well! Look for new pictures in a few days!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The favorite past time on vacation. Sleeping!

Rody is enjoying a nap on the beach.
After his cousins went to the beach, Rody rested in dad's arms while swimming
Sweet Boy
We are having so much fun at the beach with Jason and Molly. We have went out for dinner once but most of our time has been spent swimming and having fun around the condo.

Rody loves the water!

Rody floating with mom in the lazy river
Katie and Rody swimming with Kaitlyn and KylieRody is precious. He was kicking in the water and watching his cousins swim.
Rody enjoyed the beach. He loves to stand with his feet in the sand.

Hello North Myrtle Beach

Kylie, Karson, Kaitlyn, Jason, and Rody watching some TV prior to bedtime.

New Life for Rody with excited children ready at all times to kiss, hold, and touch him. He appears to love his cousins
Even on vacation, Rody must have his finger sucking time.
Katie just being silly!

Fun with Family on Vacation

Grandma Kia with Rody during a two night layover to break-up our drive to the beach.

Papa and Rody

Katie's sister Molly and Bro-in-law Jason along with their three children join us on vacation and meet Rody for the first time. This is Karson holding Rody. Kylie with Rody. The Kids were very excited to see Rody.