Monday, July 27, 2009

two things

Okay--two random, bloggable things today

1) I was in a mexican restaurant eating lunch today and guess what came on the radio? Yep..."Girls just wanna have fun" had to be one of the coolest things I have heard in a long time..I just pictured Cindy Lauper singing truly made my day....OK--made the hour!

2) My sister, Maggie, who lives in Germany, has the swine flu...poor Mags...supposedly many of her comrads (nurses, etc) have come down with it, so she is in quarantine until Wednesday--praying for you, maggie!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The more time I have, the less I do....

I feel like my days just get by. I seriously don't do know, except play with Rody and being 12 weeks pregnant with #2...but still, not much!
Rody helping Jerry clean her floors...

This looks so natural on him because he sees his mama cleaning ALL the case you're not laughing, you can because that was a joke..
Okay...on this night, Rody ate about 10 cherry tomatoes off our tomatoe plants...and then ate a whole one like an apple...hilarious!

And then hanging out with my mom for the last couple of dad went on a business trip, so she treked it up here...we went consignment shopping on Friday and found some incredible deals- she got a pack-n-play, 3-in-1 car seat, highchair, some toys for Rody, a couple clothing items, and 2 antique items all for $150..seriously, quite a deal....
And it also allowed Randy and I to get away for Friday evening...out to eat and just hang out- it was nice!
And now back to the real world....

Warming up for Camp Fitch

Camp Fitch Corn Hole...HERE WE COME!!!
Except, I'm pretty sure you cannot slam dunk the bags, buddie...but, hey, if it gets your mommy 3 points, then we'll just go with it...

And here is the illegal "baby on board" manuver....

This kid has got an arm....seriously, I would not want to be 2 feet from him at this point

Ah, the "double fisted trying to get double points" manuver...
His hair is getting long...and a little curly in the back!
This little one is going to LOVE camp fitch...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ocoee River

The Ocoee River- site of the 1996 Olympics for kayaking...and only 20 miles from our house! We loved going there before we had Rody...swimming in the rapids, hiking, etc. Today, we took Rody for the first time!

There was a lot of activity on the river today- mostly whitewater rafting...which we watched...watched people fall out of the boat--it was great.

We stopped on the way to eat a little picnic lunch--if you look closely, you'll see the chick-fil-a wrappers..that is my kind of picnic!

We (and by "we" I mean Randy) stipped the jeep down since it was a high of 80 degrees today! what a nice heat break at the end of July!!!

Rody enjoyed it too!

And this is the part of my post where the pics did not load properly....whatever, I'm over, you know the drill, drop your head down and to the left...

Katie taking the plunge

Randy taking the plunge

Rody really did enjoy it...he just wanted to go see the ginormous dalmation looking great dane that was hooked up behind me...

Nice man who owns the dog took this pic...

A great day for the monkey...he would take off and jump in the river if not attached to the monkey...who is inevitably attached to one of us!

Rody had no nap a cranky boy indeed. We got home, I fixed a quick dinner, then we went to the park with friends....and then got some flavored ice (which for some reason is a HUGE craving of mine at the moment), and then came home and did an early bath and bed time.

Good night.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend Recap

South Carolina, Chick-fil-A, and Table Rock...that about sums it up!!
Rody was so tired...he actually fell asleep in the water (hasn't happened in a LONG time) and we put him down without waking him up...

Note: Water wings still attached...

I could just squeeze him..

and, here are the sideways pictures I keep telling you that I cannot, turn your head down and to the left and it will make sense...

Free Chick-fil-A friday! Whoo hoo...dress like a cow, get free food...

Even though our black sharpie dots are pitiful at best, we still got free food...

Rody too!
And he got to pet the cow...see hand?

And he got a free balloon...this boy was HAPPY! as he says "bloooon"...
A good time was had by all...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 little pink lines

I wanted to celebrate that 2 years ago to the day 2 pink lines changed my life forever...I was pregnant! It came sort of as a shock (it is such a miracle) ...and here comes Rody!
I would describe pregnancy as a marathon is a long 40 weeks with many body, feeling the baby move, having to go to the bathroom ALL the time, waking up at odd hours, crazy dreams (hormones??), but at the end, a miracle!
And Rody is here to tell you...

Yep, he's going to be a big brother! 2 pink lines have once again changed me life...and I am pregnant with our second child!

What a miracle, what a blessing....I am 10 weeks pregnant and due February 6th. So, Rody and baby #2 will be about 22 months apart...WOW!

I pray that this pregnancy goes as smoothly as my last pregnancy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

15 month old babble

Produce from our garden...squash, onions and okra here

Rody trying to escape!

Rody has started "babbling" some is pretty funny and I tried to capture it on video...but he's performed better--you'll get the idea!

15 months old! The words he consistently says:

mama, dada, ball, bottle, blanket (which those three all sounds the same), score (shooting a basketball), ice, nana (banana), grandma, grandpa, papa, bye bye, hiya (hi ya), diaper (he is signally when he has to BM and we actually put him on the training potty the other day too!), balloon, bird, tree (although tree sounds a lot like "balloon"), started saying "cuum" for vaccuum, book, light, shoes, help (which sounds like ba for some reason), ocean (got that one at the beach)...

I think I covered all the bases. He understands a lot of what we say to him--which is cool!

He is getting so big! We just can't believe how much he has changed over these last 15!


Favorite Photo of the week- and MckLinky!

These are two of my favorite pictures of Rody (he was around 5 months old here....)

They grow up so fast, but I still see his sweet 5 month old baby face in his now sweet 15 month old toddler face!