Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recent Pictures

My sweet friend Veryll took some photos for us again...she is so talented (and I don't to embarass you, V, but you are!)...
Enjoy the pics...and just FYI...none of the pictures here are on the Christmas Card...so you'll just have to wait to see which pics we chose!

Lovely nose picking caught in action
He loves water! Drinking it and looking at it!

Our sweet boy is getting big!

Now a random one with the popsicle!
Good family shot, but we chose another one!

I LOVE this picture!

I hope y'all have a blessed Thanksgiving! We will be traveling to Georgia then South Carolina...maybe we'll see some of you blog readers along the way!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby Girl

I had my 29w 2d appointment today--a big one with the diabetes test and ultrasound--and I got to see baby girl again! And yes, I had the tech make sure she was still a girl
She is measuring about 3lbs 2 ounces and right at 30 weeks--so right on schedule! She is breech, so we are praying that she will move head down and stay there come delivery time...it was hard to get a profile view of her--she had her legs and arms all squished together, so this was the best shot we could get...
We got to see her practice her breathing movements--it was so cool seeing her little chest rise and fall--a very good sign especially this early. The tech says that means she "feels good" and she gives her an A+ for a biomedical profile. She still has lots of room and lots of fluid, so everything looks great!

I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now--which is crazy! I feel really good and hope to only gain 5 more pounds max by due date! (ha...but really I am hoping)...
And for our other baby...Baby Rody...at 19 months and eating his first popsicle at V&J's house...he is so much fun!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a day!

I thought the rain was going to keep me from driving 2 hours to grant park to the gathering...I was honestly not going to go, but then knew I would regret it had I not gone...and I guess I was so excited that I forgot my jacket--because I was freezing...talk about a cold, wet day!
I opted to leave Rody at home with Randy- which was good. I would have been chasing him around that pavilion in the freezing cold the whole time. I enjoyed myself and I am SO glad I went!!! I told Randy that there were many guys who came with their wives...I was actually surprised how many guys did come. I would say there were around 50-60 people there at the max. I think the weather probably hindered some people's plans...
I met Melissa Reeder there ( I had not seen her since high school!) and we actually got there around 2:30 (30 minutes early) which worked out great because we got to talk to Jennifer (Mckmama) more that way! And she was just how I would have imagined...only shorter than I imagined her...but, very friendly and warm and kind. I really felt like I was getting together with a friend I hadn't seen in a while...
And here my pics, in no particular order...
PC (her husband) holding their two youngest...small fry and Stellan
Everyone brought some food or drink to share...I thought this cookie cake was nice...Welcome to Georgia MckMama!

Seeing Stellan with his mama was so cool! PC had all the kids at the Zoo in the park when we arrived, so we saw them come in...Sweet Stellan! He was so laid back and went to anyone and everyone...actually, all of the mckids were easy going and very social...I loved being able to hold Stellan and see him so healthy and happy...praise the Lord!

and yes, my parents actually stopped by. My mom happened to be picking up my dad at the airport and grant park was right on their way home. My mom reads her blog (my dad doesn't), but it didn't matter...they fit right in!
Stellan liked playing with grandma kia's necklace!
Melissa and small fry...Melissa actually gave Mckmama the idea of the name "stellan"...she started reading the blog before mckmama was a household name and when she only got like 10 comments on her posts (really??!)...so it was fun for them to actually meet!
me and mckmama! So fun to meet her!!!
Melissa...old high school buds...so good to see her and catch up! *hi melissa*

the mckfamily coming in...in the rain and cold!

here is mcnugget...her 2nd born...and big mac is behind him...her 1st born!
And small fry..#3 and the only girl of the family! She was a doll!
Overall it was a great day. The 4 hours of drive time was totally worth it. I am so glad that I went and got to meet her family...and a lot of other bloggers that live nearby!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Southern MckGathering

MckMama followers listen up...
Are any of you intested in meeting her and her family this sunday afternoon?
She is having a "southern mckgathering" somewhere in the Atlanta area this Sunday (22nd).
I'm getting details on it right now and I know that a lot of my readers also read her blog...
It might be fun to all meet up there! Let me know who wants to by leaving a comment on the post!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A couple of things

Randy and I have found a new passion... a new way to have fun and work together...an exciting adventure...

Can you guess what it is?


Who ever knew that couponing and saving money could be so fun. We started getting Sunday papers about 5 weeks ago...I got a book together and a way to organize all the chaos that is coupons and we have fun looking at the website "southern savers"...which is AMAZING as well as all the sales papers and finding things already on sale and then knowing we have a coupon for it...it is truly exhilarating...sad, I know, but fun!

I've become such a fan of publix...I feel so relaxed when I go in there and love that I got a container of ALL detergent last week for .99! Between that and the homemade detergent my mom made and gave to us, we are set for a while!

Secondly, I've debated on whether or not to receive the H1N1 vaccination this year. Randy and I are vaccine hesitant on a lot of fronts and educated about it. Anyways, I decided to get the vaccine since I am in a "high risk" category and work in a school. After I got the shot yesterday, the nurse said it would take 6-8 weeks to be fully immunized, which takes us to the end of December at which point my pregnancy is in its last days. Oh well, I'll just keep praying for protection and washing my hands constantly!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

What a weekend! Randy's parents came up late Thursday and spent Halloween weekend with us...we had a lot of fun...starting with the pumpkin carving...
Rody was not sure about it at first, but he ended up getting into it...for about 20 minutes!

Helping daddy clean it out..
All smiles here!
Randy and Grandpa carving some pumpkins...
Grandpa did the witch/moon one and Randy carved the "boo"--I carved the little one of the far right for Rody...

The weather held out, so we were able to trick-or-treat and attend the block party...
We went down Centenary street--there were a couple hundred people on this street-very fun. My costume was a nun..yes, I was a pregnant nun...
Rody definitely got into it...we got him to say "trick or treat", but it sounded like "chich a cheat"..so cute..our little elmo!
So, one time, Micheal Myers, a pregnant nun, and elmo were walking down the street...
We went to some of the neighbor's homes nearby...Rody was so sweet...saying or signing "thank you" and "bye bye" to each house...He would knock on the door, do his please sign and when they opened it, he held out his pumpkin!

We pulled him around in the red wagon...it was fun! He liked to get out and push it himself!

He doesn't sit still much for pictures these days!
Headed to church this morning...
We had a great time, G&G Barnett! You jail bird and witch are welcome anytime! (I joking told Debbie that this was the only appropriate time a DIL could call her MIL a witch and get away with it...ha ha!!)
And our little Elmo of course loved the lolli's...he's had enough until next Halloween!