Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update: As you see it now

So much to say, but I won't. Just pictures...Parts of our house...AS YOU SEE IT NOW...for picking up here.. :)

The french doors from the living room

Living room

As you see it now...our living room...

the pantry/laundry room

my laundry room!

Kids' play room...looking out to the deck

Play toys picked I said "as you see it now"

play room other side

thank you to Caleb, Randy and my mom for all of their hard work! As you can see below,
the boys insulated some attic space!

and my favorite picture of caleb..I couldn't find it to upload it...but I is awesome (and on facebook if we are friends there)

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Living Leffew! said...

Thanks so much for posting! I LOVE the rug in the living room! The house looks great and I'm jealous of all the Tide on the laundry room shelf! I think of you daily...I know hard to believe, but I do! I hope that all goes well and keep up the good work around the house! Best wishes and be well my friend! God has a plan for you!!