Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt 2011

What a full, fun day...we woke up to an Easter suprise....Peter Cottontail left us some Easter nice of you, Peter Cottontail

Rody--my big boy---
Anna Kate was enthralled with all the lollipops

And we headed out for the entire afternoon--a nice ride in the jeep, lunch at Jason's Deli and our church's Easter Eggstravaganza!

AK loved the bouncy balloon...

The Egg Hunt...Rody took off like he was running a was so sweet to watch

AK slowly but surely got some eggs herself

Our little bunnies...Rody just over 3 years old and Anna Kate just over 1 year old

The kids also got to ride a donkey... :)

AK really liked it

Halfway through the afternoon, Rody and Randy both got their hair sprayed pink

And we continued to have fun!

Her hat was adorable, but a little floppy...

Overall, we had a great afternoon! Looking forward to Easter Service at our church tomorrow!

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